Visual Analytics To Modernize Transportation Planning In Real-Time.

IoT for Smart City

Spurred by a personal disdain for highway traffic and a larger vision, Urban SDK set out to solve a global issue. Traffic and mobility has a global impact, congestion affects Gross Domestic Profit (GDP), climate change, and our quality of life.

About Urban SDK

Urban SDK enables Location Intelligence for Mobility Planning, Logistics Optimization, Site Planning, Geo Marketing. Urban SDK’s traffic platform calculates federal and state transportation performance measures from leading transportation data sources and provides visual analytics to modernize transportation planning in near real-time.

The Details

Along with Urban SDK we have developed a common IoT data exchange used for federal transportation planning.  As part of this Phase 1 effort we've created a Congestion Management and Mobility Dashboard that tracks data from real-time data and annual report data provided by multiple systems and agencies.

The Techonology

We built a functional foundation with an architectural and data ingestion core that can be built upon for future iterations. Able to ingest, aggregate, visualize, transform, and pass-thru legacy and proprietary data systems. Including content from real-time traffic sensors, weather sensors, annual freight reports, transportation information, shipping routes, and logistics data.

  • Node.js REST API microservice for CRUD operations and coordinates with the Kubernetes.
  • GraphQL API microservice that provides the ability for the web app to retrieve data from the Analytics Cluster via queries.
  • Angular SPA deployed via CloudFront
  • Lambda Function for handling the S3 PutObject.
  • PostgreSQL Database hosted in Amazon’s RDS service.
  • Redshift cluster for analyzing data
  • Cognito, Amazon’s hosted OAuth2/OpenID Connect service that provides secure, simple authentication.
  • Kubernetes