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Save, Grow, and Innovate Faster

Save Costs

Eliminate vendor lock-ins, with high maintenance and licensing costs, and maximizing performance.

Grow with Managed

Migrate and modernize MS SQL databases to automate set-up, scaling, and managing workloads while enhancing data analytics capabilities.

Innovate with Database

Break free from outdated, unsupported legacy databases with secure, compliant, cloud-optimized technology.

Why SQL Server on AWS?

Higher performance for a SQL Server workload than the next largest cloud provider*
0 x
More regions with multiple availability zones than the next largest cloud provider
0 x
More services offering encryption than the next largest cloud provider
0 x
Savings using AWS over three years, by right-sizing instances with Migration Evaluator
0 %
Projected 5-year ROI running Windows on AWS**
0 %
  • *When directly testing an R5b.8xlarge instance, according to a 2021 Principled Technologies report
  • **According to a 2019 IDC report, “The Business Value of Efficiently Running High-Performing Windows Workload in AWS Cloud"

SourceFuse Database Modernization Services

We understand that a modern database must be globally available, securely accessible, have zero downtime, and can update in milliseconds. SourceFuse’s deep knowledge of SQL server modernization and AWS SQL database services is the key to innovating your business.

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