BizBooks: B2B Custom-Built SaaS Application Hosted on AWS

The Opportunity

The customer’s  market research team conducted an industry-wide analysis of various tools and tricks used by small and medium (SMB) scale professional services businesses to run its management information systems. They discovered some interesting commonalities:

  1. There were a lot of tools available but they were either too costly for SMBs and Startups, or they had limitations on the ability to customize and configure to meet an organization’s business needs and processes.
  2. The organizations with ad-hoc processes built over time were now using multiple tools to manage individual business sections but there was no synergy or integration between them. Therefore, in order to try and consolidate data they were having to manually select and drop data from one system to the other.
  3. Some organizations still relied on large worksheets, for example, Excel or Smartsheet, etc., which become unusable with the scale of incoming data and growing numbers of employees requiring access.
  4. The ability to analyze and report business insights in a meaningful way was not suited for the organization’s needs.

Key Challenges

SourceFuse was engaged to address key challenges associated with this custom application development project, namely:

  1. To create cost effective software that caters to SMBs and Startups alike.
  2. To remove the need for manual data entry and eliminate transcription errors.
  3. Enable integration with other systems like HRMS, CRM, Accounting, etc.
  4. Improve performance and efficiency.
  5. Incorporate AI-based reporting for improved business intelligence.

The Solution

SourceFuse has proven experience and skills that made them an ideal partner in order to address these challenges. The company has 17+ years of expertise developing B2B SaaS applications and a long history as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Core AWS Competencies, such as SaaS, and Service Delivery Programs, such as Graviton SDP, ensure customers get the full benefits of AWS Cloud.

In addition, leveraging ARC by Sourcefuse, its rapid application development framework, the scalable and reusable base architecture, structure, pipelines, infrastructure, UI, etc., significantly accelerates time-to-market. provides to accelerate the development. Sourcefuse’s Saas competency is another plus.

The solution proposed was a B2B SaaS application hosted on AWS cloud using cloud native technologies like EKS. The process began by establishing requirements and delivering the Software Requirements Specification. In Sprint 0, the Technical Design and Project plan were finalized, and the Technical Design Document was delivered.

The development phase started by initiating biweekly sprints, building to requirements, and delivering features. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) involved conducting end-to-end testing and obtaining final feedback, leading to features reiteration and refinement. Once final approval was obtained, the finished product was delivered.


Application Features

  • CRM Integration with Hubspot
    This helps fetch all client-related information which supports establishing the mapping between a deal and the client. It enhances customer insights, sales, and service efficiency, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  • HRMS Integration
    Integrating human resources services (PeopleStrong and Bamboo HR) in the Bizbooks application streamlines HR management by synchronizing employee data and payroll. It enhances efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making within the organization.
  • Resource Allocation
    This enables businesses to efficiently manage and assign resources across various processes and projects. It provides a centralized platform to track and optimize the allocation of resources.
  • Resource Recommendation
    An intelligent feature that uses data analytics to suggest the most suitable resources for specific projects. It takes into account various factors such as resource availability, skill sets, experience, cost, etc., to make informed recommendations.
  • Company Financials
    The BizBooks Financials module manages an organization’s financial data, such as revenue, expenses, profitability, gross margin and gross margin%. It helps businesses maintain accurate financial records and make informed decisions. Support for multiple currencies is also provided.

The Results

Unlike other tools in the market, the custom-built application is highly scalable and performs efficiently even as the business and data continue to grow.

The seamless integrations with other systems, including CRM and HRMS, have eradicated the need for manual data entry, which was the case previously. This improvement has significantly streamlined operations and reduced the chances of data entry errors.

The application also has adaptive capabilities which can cater to any other CRM and HRMS software platforms seamlessly without impacting the core application. Since this was a B2B SaaS multi-tenant application with pooled tenants, it also proved to be an extremely cost effective solution.

About The Customer

Founded in 2020, and headquartered in the US, this start-up company is bringing efficiency powered by artificial intelligence to the professional services industry.

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