Patient Engagement Platform to Improve Oncology Recovery

Empowering Dr. Reddy's Laboratories with Post-Treatment Patient Recovery HIPAA Compliant SaaS Application

The Challenge

As a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Reddy’s ethical and moral imperative is to ensure that good health is delivered to those who need it and promote wellness among them. They view medicines not just as molecules, but as a means to help patients regain their health. Their mission encourages them to offer easy access to affordable and innovative medicines globally.

To address unmet patient needs and help them manage diseases in a better way, they knew technology will play a significant role. Dr. Reddy’s  was contemplating for a definitive means to collaborate Healthcare Life Sciences with Technology for creating a solution to enhance and support post-treatment patient recovery, especially in the Oncology therapeutic area.

They envisioned a platform that could seamlessly connect the patient, caregiver, doctor, nurse, and all the other clinical stakeholders involved in the treatment journey. The clear requirement was that the platform would maintain the highest level of security, enforcing regulatory-compliance and granting 100% data privacy as a part of PHI standards.

Solution Proposed

SourceFuse resonates with the customer’s belief and their commitment to act with speed to find innovative solutions that address the unmet needs of patients. To enable the support of multiple tenants, SourceFuse proposed a multi-tenancy architecture flow. In this hybrid model of the silo and pooled isolation of tenants, each tenant will have their own separate configuration values stored in the database. The configuration values will determine which features are available to each tenant. Only those with specific access will be able to modify these configuration values and make changes accordingly. Understanding their end goal of better patient lives, SourceFuse developed a native iOS and Android Application and also a Web App supportive of all modern browsers, connecting the patients with the doctors from the comfort of their homes after hospital discharge. The application is a highly secure ‘Care’ driven platform enabling the “Right Time-Right Patient-Right Medication” plan of action. The application can be used by patients and/or their caregivers when the patient is not equipped to use it themselves.

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Application Features

The application features effective monitoring of patient journey enabling an impactful engagement model between doctor and patient. A one of its kind post-treatment recovery model, leveraging AWS services like Amazon SNS, AWS Lambda, Amazon SES, Amazon EKS, AWS API Gateway, Amazon CloudFront and more. Essential features listed below:
  • Treatment Plan: A treatment plan is a set of written instructions and records relating to the treatment of an ailment or illness. It includes the patient’s personal information, the diagnosis, a general outline of the treatment prescribed, and space to measure outcomes as the client progresses through the treatment.
  • Symptoms Reporting & Trend Visualization: HCP can visualize a patient’s reported symptoms/side effects data
  • Personalized Diet Plan & Nutrition visualization: Patient/Caregiver can see the personalized Diet Plan provided by the doctor specifically. HCP can visualize a patient’s reported meals data, that is uploaded by them simply by taking a photo of their meals.
  • Medicine Notification Reminders: An audio reminder and push notification are sent to remind the patient for the upcoming medicine. The patient can mark the medicine as taken.
  • Adherence Visualization: Adherence percentage is calculated and displayed for the patient. The care team can see the trend of patient’s adherence for each medication.
  • Medical Reports Repository: Patient/Caregiver can upload a medical report by scanning the paper(s) with the phone’s camera in single or batch mode, which is accessible via a quick search/filter/sort filter.
  • Recovery Process Engagement: The care team can assign a number of health tasks to the patient e.g. Take 8 glasses of water every day, for a more regular and detailed recovery process.
  • Online Consultation Management: Raise alerts for every time a patient reports for a non-emergency consultation session.
These features combined with multi-tenant approach allows for the scalability and flexibility of the system, accommodating different tenant requirements while ensuring separation and isolation between them at both the Silo and Pooled-based levels.

About The Customer

Dr. Reddy’s is an integrated pharmaceutical company, committed to providing affordable and innovative medicines for healthier lives. Through its three businesses – Pharmaceutical Services & Active Ingredients, Global Generics, and Proprietary Products – Dr. Reddy’s offers a portfolio of products and services including APIs, custom pharmaceutical services, generics, biosimilars, and differentiated formulations. Their major therapeutic areas of focus are gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, diabetology, oncology, pain management, and dermatology. Their major markets include – USA, India, Russia & CIS countries, and Europe.

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