Modernize Your Apps with ARC by SourceFuse

Watch this demo of ARC by SourceFuse on AWS Howdy Partner featuring Kabir Chandhoke, COO, SourceFuse, and James Crowley, Senior Enterprise Architect, SourceFuse as they discuss:
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  • How ARC provides a solid foundation of a core multi-tenant architecture for app modernization.
  • ARC’s reusable & prebuilt microservices that power the backend APIs of your applications.
  • ARC’s built-in security features and how these are beneficial, especially for our Fintech and Healthcare customers.
  • ARC IaC – Collection of Infrastructure as code modules to roll out secure & scalable production environments in minutes.
  • How ARC can help expedite your Microsoft workloads modernization journey.
  • How all these ARC features come together to achieve app readiness 35% faster than conventional modernization practices.
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