About FlixMD​

The Need for an OTT Platform for Continuing Medical Education Online

CME is crucial to the prosperity of HCPs and other than being tedious, expensive, and time-consuming offline, there are multiple reasons to go for an online learning platform for enhancing the continuing medical education processes.

Stay on top of the latest medical developments & solutions

Enhance the overall quality & authenticity of medical content

Maintain lifelong knowledge and skills for safe clinical practice

Opening online CME to a global modern healthcare audience

Escalate growth of HCPs and advance their career status

Better understand new or modified regulations

FlixMD - Features That Serve a Global Audience for Medical Education Videos

Modern healthcare online CME demands access to digital alternatives. FlixMD brings together global healthcare knowledge in the form of on-demand videos on a single online learning platform.

CME medical knowledge

video streaming

Personalized education videos

OTT international
subscription-based model

Multi-user profiles for a
better viewing experience

Video meta tags,
analytics, and reporting

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