SourceFuse GenAI Use Cases

Our Approach

Turn your business vision into a working Proof of Concept and embark on a journey into the future of specialized artificial intelligence to drive value.




  • Define POC requirements, KPIs, and success criteria
  • Identify and validate business use cases
  • Determine the target audience
  • Validate data availability and quality, and readiness
  • Finalize the scope for proof-of-concept
  • Develop requirements document

Proof-of-Concept Execution



  • Design and build POC infrastructure
  • Data ingestion, transformation and validation
  • Design and build data annotation and curation infrastructure
  • LLM model identification and selection
  • Final technical architecture
  • Fine-tune pre-trained models with customer data
  • Develop and optimize prompts for the use case
  • Deploy and training model
  • Deploy the model and expose model API
  • Integrate the API with application per use-case
  • Perform LLM testing

Client Testimonial

Unleash Gen AI's Potential with the Cloud

We understand the immense potential of generative artificial intelligence (genAI). That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of cloud resources that empower you to:

Beyond Technology, a Partnership for Innovation

In today’s digital landscape, innovation reigns supreme. We don’t just offer cloud solutions; we offer a partnership
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Provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure your generative AI initiatives thrive.

Gen AI Resources

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