Non-Emergency Patient Transportation Solution

Digitally Transforming Patient Transportation Management with AWS and Lyft

One Call RelayRIDE: Changing the Way We Think About Patient Transportation

Every year, millions of patients are involved with insurance claims, be it for work-related injuries or long-term cases involving veterans. Being discharged from hospital is only the start of their journey to recovery, and during that period they will have to endure numerous follow-up visits to hospitals or out-patient clinics, all of which will need to be processed through their insurance provider. Some providers will manage the entire transportation logistics, but as straightforward as it sounds, getting the patient from home to the clinic and back again can be riddled with problems, all of which increase the anxiety and stress on the patient, not to mention the burden placed on the healthcare system.

When transportation problems arise, the knock-on negative effect can be huge:

  • Drivers not showing up at the expected time increases patient anxiety
  • Inaccurate drop-off locations can cause appointments to be missed
  • Inability for the insurance provider to accurately track and trace drivers
  • Lack of transparency in transportation charges, especially with unregulated transport agencies
  • Increased manual call center actions when communicating with everyone involved, i.e. the patient, the healthcare provider and the driver


In fact, the cost to the healthcare industry from missed or cancelled appointments due to avoidable transportation issues costs the US $10 billion every year. Many of these problems can be addressed through improved communications between the driver, insurance provider and healthcare center, but what about the patient? Patients won’t necessarily have the means to download a mobile app and so alternative solutions needed to be developed that link all four stakeholders.

Welcome to RelayRIDE! Using the very latest in innovative technology, SourceFuse developed the application, RelayRIDE, to effortlessly manage every patient journey.

Putting Patients Front and Center

It must not be forgotten that the patient is at the heart of all healthcare transportations. whatever system or solution used by their insurance provider must also deliver real benefits to the patient. The patient’s return to health may already be fraught with anxiety, and so the last thing they need is to also be worrying about getting from to A to B. With RelayRIDE the benefits are substantial:

  • No requirement to download mobile apps – RelayRIDE has been designed as an easy-to-use desktop or mobile app
  • Real-time notifications about where their driver is provides reassurance at every stage of their journey
  • Guaranteed to be dropped-off and picked up at the precise and correct locations through geo-tracking
  • Peace of mind when using a trusted solution, ensuring safety and reliability


Logistics Made Easy for Call Centers

For the call centers, making patient lives easier and eliminating missed appointments, requires seamless journey management, including scheduling, real-time journey monitoring, and reviewing the accuracy of mileage and costs for compensation claims. RelayRIDE brings tangible benefits:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface minimizes training requirements
  • Live geo-tracking ensures patients reach their destination accurately and on-time, reducing average journey costs by 40%
  • Automating manual processes, such as phone calls and logging actions, significantly improves efficiencies
  • 24/7 ‘eye-in-the-sky’ active-journey monitoring enables real-time status notifications to both call centers and patients
  • New features or upgrades can be carried out with no interruption to services
  • Reliably integrate with transportation services, Uber and Lyft


The Power of RelayRIDE

RelayRIDE, the first of its kind in healthcare transportation solutions, was first developed for One Call, a worker’s compensation and healthcare solutions provider, in exclusive partnership with Lyft. However, since its inception over four years ago, RelayRIDE has quickly grown to become a proven, trusted and well-established solution, with the unique blend of the hands-on approach and automation. The results from One Call speak for themselves:

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These industry-changing and ever-increasing statistics have validated the need for such an integrated solution. As such, RelayRIDE has quickly grown to become an essential part of the everyday lives of call centers, healthcare providers and most importantly……the patient.

To find out more about RelayRIDE download the RelayRIDE Fact Sheet.

Our project RelayRIDE needed the ingenuity and expertise to navigate uncharted land when it came to integrating with Uber and Lyft. SourceFuse built us a new standalone product and seamlessly integrated it with our existing systems.
Joe Mccullough
Senior VP, One Call

About The Customer

As a leader in medical cost management in worker’s compensation – One Call understands the importance of member safety and timely access to care. One Call is committed to investing in innovative technology to make the lives of its customers and their injured workers easier while encouraging healthier outcomes. They have successfully created a connected network of contracted drivers to expand non-emergency healthcare transportation.

From physical therapy and diagnostics to medical equipment, home healthcare, transportation, and dental, One Call offers a complete suite of innovative products and services with a focus on injured workers’ needs across the continuum of care. Their unwavering commitment to deliver exceptional service and unparalleled clinical expertise to drive outcomes makes One Call the leader in ancillary services for the workers’ compensation industry.

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