Telemedicine Software Solution

Developing a Multi-Tenant Virtual Care App to Support Telescope Health's Mission of Reducing Barriers to Care

The Opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the demand for virtual health services whereby providers see patients via computer or mobile device. Telescope Health realized interoperable, customizable technology is critical to both meet and improve virtual care delivery for patients, providers, and staff.

While initially focused on SaaS offerings for primary care and acute care services, Telescope Health sought a customized solution that consolidated disparate services into a centralized platform. More specifically, Telescope Health looked to:

  • Reduce duplicative data entry between systems and manual accounting processes
  • Streamline medication management
  • Customization of non-consumer workflows
  • Increase access to health care services by enabling virtual care delivery

Telescope Health approached SourceFuse to develop a customized solution that would consolidate their services into a centralized platform. The platform would allow the organization to provide the best patient care. SourceFuse, the first and only AWS Healthcare Competency Consulting Partner in the Southeast, delivered a HIPAA compliant SaaS application, cloud-based solution to efficiently, effectively and securely move data across the healthcare ecosystem.

Key Challenges

Not unlike other health care providers, Telescope Health was plagued by non-interoperable, vendor-driven infrastructure that was complicated to manage, cumbersome to maintain and failed to offer customization capabilities. The technology itself was becoming a barrier to both the cost and quality of care.

Major challenges faced by the Telescope Health, and often experienced by other providers, include:


  • Inability for automated data sharing among systems, which hinders clinical and business decision-making.
  • Lack of functionality to view and manage patient visits across multiple, white-labeled telemedicine services, requiring employees to log-in and manage multiple delivery systems.
  • Requiring employees to use a consumer-focused platform for non-direct-to-consumer patient workflows.
  • Failure to integrate with other systems to electronically share protected health information.

The Solution

The first phase of any custom SaaS application build with SourceFuse consists of a 360° assessment of a client’s infrastructure, gaining an understanding of business objectives, and consultation on potential solutions. As the project progressed, the Telescope Health team began to envision a completely integrated, interoperable, multi-tenant SaaS virtual health application. The SaaS architecture leveraged the pooled isolation model for onboarding new tenants.

Telescope Health’s experience working with SourceFuse has been amazing. The team’s knowledge and work ethic are extremely impressive – not only are they technology experts, but they have an expertise in the healthcare industry. The team is extremely collaborative and solutions oriented – no challenge seems too big or too small!
Billy Burns
Senior Strategy and Solutions Officer, ERG and Telescope Health

Solution Key Features

Patient Portal High-level Admin Portal Client-Tenant Organization Portal
Login/Logout UI X X X
Registration page X X
Dashboard X X X
Calendar X X X
Account Profile X X X
Settings X X X
Audio-Video Call X X X
Appointments X X – Book, Reporting X – Book, Reporting
Patient Call Queue X X
Working Hour reports X X
Application Management User Management
Client Management
Program Settings
User Management
Tenant Management
Client Settings

Telemedicine Interaction Platform

The Results

SourceFuse provided Telescope Health with a reimagined telehealth SaaS platform leveraging AWS cloud native services that addressed the client’s key challenges and capitalized upon opportunities to improve the healthcare experience for both patients and providers.

The SourceFuse team has been great to work with – they really understand our vision and have enabled us to innovate our digital healthcare offerings.
Dr. Matthew Thompson
CEO & Co-Founder, Telescope Health

Single Source of Truth

A patient portal where patients log-in and register, via an app or a website. The patient portal captures all the patient’s details and automatically stores it in a central database. New tenant onboarding was successfully provisioned as per the SaaS architecture. Information can be accessed and leveraged across the platform.

Improved Productivity

Eliminating the need for manual handling and manipulation of data significantly reduced transcription errors, enabled data visualization and analysis for making informed business decisions, and maximized time spent on direct patient care.

Enhanced Data Security

The solution eliminates the need for downloading and uploading patient data between systems. Having a single platform that leverages HIPAA compliant automation for handling the most sensitive data, ensures the highest levels of cloud data security are maintained.

Regulatory Compliance

To ensure HIPAA compliance, the solution incorporated automatic generation of Access and Audit reports with full visibility for those with appropriate permissions. Access reports display who is using the application such as patients or Telescope Health end-users. Audit reports display all activity taking place within the application such as creating, editing or deleting data.

Secure Access Management

To future-proof the application and data structures, the application introduced role-based identity and access management. Differing roles were created to best align with specific job functions.

Very talented development team. Their organization and communication are top notch. Efficient AND professional!
Kelly Smith
Business Systems Analyst, Telescope Health

About The Customer

Telescope Health is a healthcare solutions company that provides innovative and accessible care options to patients, health systems, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, schools and communities.

Anywhere and at any time, Telescope Health can provide physician coverage. Services also include diagnostic testing and vaccination administration, mobile healthcare, telemedicine, and event safety services.

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