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Top 5 Benefits of
AWS Cloud Migration Sourcefuse


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reduction in licenses required**
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decrease in unplanned downtime*
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Migrate to AWS with SourceFuse:
Cloud Ready in 20 Days

As AWS Migration Competency Partners, SourceFuse has the experience and resources to help you through each step of your large-scale cloud migration project, following best practices of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).

Phase 1:
Assess Your Readiness

Fully-funded assessment of the current IT ecosystem to identify existing strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and opportunities.

Phase 2:
Mobilize Your Resources

Building the migration strategy based on assessment findings, including proof of concept and training to develop in-house cloud skills.

Phase 3:
Migrate & Modernize Your Workloads

Large-scale cloud migration execution. Workloads redesigned, migrated, and validated, with the opportunity to modernize legacy applications or systems.

From assessing your current environment to planning and executing the cloud migration itself, our end-to-end modernization-led cloud migration approach enables you to:

Improve Operational

Increase Business

Boost Staff

Business ROI

Cloud Migration Resources

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