Car care on your schedule

About VTA Valet

Northern Virginia’s first full service on-demand auto repair platform. VTA Valet’s innovative technology eliminates the need for customers to visit an auto repair shop by offering on-demand car pick up and drop off anywhere in the Northern Virginia area, a complimentary loaner vehicle, as well as a fully transparent online booking process complete with real time tracking and status updates.


In an increasingly ‘on-demand’ world, consumers want and expect attentive and individualized service that seamlessly fits into their daily routines, but have not been able to find a good solution when it comes to auto repair. Mike Holmes, CEO of Virginia Tire & Auto, saw an immediate need for a car repair service that caters towards busy professionals and consumers who are constantly on-the-go, but without sacrificing quality.

All design for the Admin panel, the Valet app and the customer tracking page was done in-house, focusing and maintaining the clients’ corporate branding.


Wireframe to actual Design Illustration

The Technology

The entire VTA Valet system is built on SourceFuse’s “On Demand Framework”. The framework was quickly and easily modified for functionality and design to meet the VTA Valets’s requirements. Backend – ExpressJS for APIs and Socket.IO for real time Web admin and Customer page – AngularJS Valet App – Native iOS

Working with SourceFuse has been a great development experience. We are excited to have been able to partner with folks who are extremely professional and knowledgeable in their fields. From, the day to day operations of the project, to making sure deadlines are met, SourceFuse surpassed all expectations, and we are looking forward to working in tandem for future versions of the service.

Alex Kyle, VTA Valet

The Result

Sleek interfaces for all of the users, and a streamlined approach to intake new service requests and enhanced the overall customer experience from pick up to drop off.

VTA VALET result
Last updated: January 15, 2019