Word-of-mouth marketing, made beautifully simple.

About The Client

FlipperSplash is a platform that allows small to medium sized brands to connect with their valuable social influencers. It is a marketplace for both brands and influencers to come together and sync up on endorsement and influencing marketing opportunities which gives it the unique ability to be the one-stop-platform for building and managing relationships.


After being a member of the seven-person Salesforce startup team, working closely with Anthony Robbins and even acting on some of our favorite shows like Friends, ER and Saved by the Bell, our Founder Monica found herself the inventor of a product for children – The Little Looster. Without showing demand, retailers were hesitant to take on a product that took up so much shelf space. So, with a garage full of 500 Loosters and no budget for a marketing team, she figured she needed a miracle, when what she really needed was an army of sales people. She needed Influencers. The grueling process of finding Mom-bloggers with children in the correct demographic and with engaged and loyal audiences was far from scalable. She found herself wondering why there wasn’t a platform where she could search for Influencers, from micro to macro, by location and a simple keyword search. A solution that also included a calendar to keep track of posts and partnerships for both Brands and Influencers? An affordable alternative to the pricey agencies that played “middle man” for relationships between Brand and Influencers? With Salesforce under her belt, she knew what she wanted – a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool for Brands and Influencers and since it didn’t already exist, we created it…FlipperSplash!

FlipperSplash idea

The Technology

SourceFuse built native iOS and Android apps for the Brand and influencer side. The FlipperSplash admin panel for user and gig management is a single page app built with VueJS. Both the consumer and admin facing apps talk to APIs exposed via an ExpressJS API that talk to a Postgres DB. An implementation of Elastic search powers the gig and brand search on the app. The entire application infrastructure is deployed on Amazon AWS following the well architected framework for security, scalability, and reliability.

"Working with SourceFuse has been a dream. They are able to turn an idea into reality and have the team to get it done, right!"


The Result

FlipperSplash now provides native ioS and android apps where just by using a keyword search, Brands can easily find Influencers that match their desired criteria within seconds by probing the profiles of Influencers. Information including links to their social media platforms, interests, hobbies, bucket lists and much more can all be found within the profile portal. With FlipperSplash, Brands and Influencers alike enjoy the freedom of marketing on their terms..

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