In our previous blog, Digital Transformation: Understanding the Real Potential of Cloud, we explored the principles and ethos behind leveraging digital transformation to completely transform your business. We considered the three core elements, legacy app modernization, UI/UX modernization, and database modernization, but now here’s the question:

Do you have the necessary digital transformation tools and technologies to accelerate your growth in the digital world, when it comes to relevancy and competition?

Whether you are just taking your first steps towards cloud modernization or looking to go beyond what you have already achieved, a detailed evaluation of your architecture and how it aligns with the business goals and cloud best practices is imperative. Only in this way is it possible to determine the best solutions for your business, and start unlocking the full potential of all that cloud technology has to offer. This is where your choice of cloud transformation partner is crucial.

Maximizing Cloud Potential Through a Cloud Transformation Partner

Modernizing for the future not only requires expert support and guidance but the skills required to execute the transformation. Navigating the vast array of cloud services available could feel either exciting or daunting. Either way, knowing which services will be relevant for your organization is where your choice of cloud transformation partner can play a key role. In making your partner selection, you can shortlist your options by considering these five enterprise growth objectives:

  • Nurture your growth by focusing on your business value: Regardless of where you are on your digital transformation journey, it’s always a good time to assess what you’ve achieved and how it can enhance your future business goals. And, while you focus on your business value, your cloud partner will ensure that your applications are up and running.
  • Become agile with innovation: Actionable data is something that will enhance your insights, taking strategy to a whole new level. Following legacy database migration, access to further cloud technologies should enable the unlocking of industry and function-specific actionable insights.
  • Partner success is essential: From start to finish and beyond, with ongoing support, relying on the skills and expertise of an experienced digital transformation partner is key. Managed Services is an option a lot of enterprises look out for, to deploy appropriate cloud strategies whilst maintaining their ongoing cloud spend.
  • Reduce the risk and uncertainty: Around 80% of business executives now look to the cloud as a means of mitigating business uncertainty and lowering risk. It’s far more risky to stay on your legacy systems as compared to modernizing your business with cloud technologies.
  • Maintain the integrity of your applications: Just because you’re on the cloud, does not mean your applications would function outside your control. Instead, you can save costs and follow a model that exploits the cloud for speed, agility, and efficient scalability.

Making Digital Transformation a Reality

In its latest report, “Sky High Hopes: Navigating the Barriers to Maximizing Cloud Value,” Accenture highlights that businesses that are more heavily into cloud adoption are achieving significantly better outcomes. 46% of high adopters report fully achieving their expected cloud benefits, compared with 28% of low adopters. Strategizing for a complete digital transformation strategy, rather than a ‘quick fix’ cloud migration, will provide more satisfactory results, not only in the short-term but long into the future. And, that’s central to SourceFuse’s approach with our client partners.

From the perspective of a cloud modernization partner, the place to start, to identify your infrastructure needs and how it can be optimized to yield true business results, is via a best practice review framework, such as AWS Well-Architected Review (WAR) framework. At SourceFuse, conforming to AWS WAR enables us to modernize applications delivering secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructures. Defining key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices for designing and running workloads in the cloud, WAR is based on five key pillars:

  1. Operational Excellence: How well is your infrastructure setup?
  2. Security: Are you 100% compliant as per the industry standards?
  3. Reliability: Are your applications designed to adapt to changes in demand and withstand failures?
  4. Performance Efficiency: Are you performing better than your competitors in terms of scalability, computation, and efficiency?
  5. Cost Optimization: Is your approach towards digital transformation cost-efficient?

From review to ongoing end-to-end cloud management and monitoring, developing cloud-native solutions that make your digital transformation goals a reality is what SourceFuse is best at and most passionate about. As AWS Advanced Consulting Partners, SourceFuse now has over 16 years of experience working with various industry experts from across the globe, bringing forward industry-standard best practices to accelerate business on the cloud.

Well-Architected Security Assessments for a secure cloud

A critical part of the initial infrastructure evaluation is also to identify any at-risk technologies and in particular data security. As well as being fully HIPAA compliant and ISO:27001 certified, SourceFuse has joined forces with Trend Micro, an AWS Advanced Security Competency partner, providing customers with well-architected security assessments. This type of review includes well-architected scoring, security gap analysis, and remediation roadmap, enabling SourceFuse to measure your cloud infrastructure against the five WA framework pillars. To learn more about this partnership, read the full press release below.

Economical and Safe Cloud Modernization

Investment in cloud platforms should be represented as a source of providing a competitive advantage, rather than as a cost to be managed. At SourceFuse, we support your modernization goals through the development of a cloud solution with benefits that exceed your expectations in all five pillars: security, reliability, operational excellence, performance, and cost.

It’s widely understood that the cloud can be a flexible pay-as-you-go model. But, unless closely monitored and managed, chances are you might unintentionally end up paying more for less. Incorporating flexibility to automatically scale your resources based on demand requires a transformation in the way you operate in the cloud and we can help you do that, safely and securely.

Tell us about your digital transformation goals, and discover how we can help make them a reality. Contact Us Below.