We Deliver Speed: From Ideation to Execution for Your VMware Migrations

Migrating your VMware based workloads to AWS can be complex. At SourceFuse we focus on laying the foundation of an effortless and quick workload transition with minimal disruption.


With years of experience in cloud migration, we understand the complexities involved in moving VMware workloads to AWS. Our team of certified professionals ensures a smooth transition, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Cost Optimization

We help you optimize costs by assessing your VMware spend & build a business case for migrating to AWS tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to over-charged licensing costs.


AWS offers unparalleled scalability. We help you take full advantage of AWS's elastic infrastructure, allowing your business to scale seamlessly as it grows.

Be Cloud Ready in 20 Days!

Explore the next steps on the journey to a cost-optimized VMware-to-AWS migration with SourceFuse expertise.

We offer deep expertise and tools to facilitate your VMware to AWS cloud migration journey. Our iterative strategy divides the migration process into quick and seamless steps, mitigating risks and instilling confidence.

  • Speed up your migration and modernization efforts.
  • Unlock scalability, security, and enhanced performance capabilities.
  • Initiate innovation and enhance agility.
  • Streamline costs and guarantee adaptability.

Process and Development: The SourceFuse Approach

  • Assess
  • Planning
  • Migration
  • Optimization
  • Support
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