UI/UX Application Modernization: The Heart of Digital Transformation

As explored in our recent  Digital Transformation blog, one of the three essential components of digital transformation is UI/UX application modernization. User experience (UX) and the user interface (UI) is often an area that gets overlooked, as more attention is often focused on implementing new  technologies  into an organization’s application architecture. However, as internal-facing platforms transform, the way an organization engages online with its customers does too, whether that’s on desktop or mobile.

In Jan 2021,  Datareportal  reported 67% of the world’s population are using mobile devices – that’s 5.27 billion users! With mobile devices now accounting for almost  55% of web traffic  worldwide, and 90% smartphone usage spent accessing apps, the look and feel of the customer-facing application can literally make or break your overall digital transformation goals.

One of the keys to UI/UX  application modernization  success is in understanding your end-users. Humans are creatures of habit, and significant changes to a UI/UX won’t be liked by everyone. Therefore, taking the time and effort to analyze end-user behaviors and needs, as well as beta-testing feedback, is essential. This qualitative and quantitative data can then be used to create a robust app design that increases end-user experience, achieves greater conversion rates through better engagement, and maximizes business benefits.

Benefits of UI/UX Application Modernization

  • Maximize revenue:
    According to  Forbes,  research from Forrester (paid report) shows that, on average, every $1 invested in UI/UX design generates $100, while around 44% of CIOs say that company growth is being held back by legacy software. Among apps competing for the same customers, a modern UI/UX can provide the all-important competitive edge.
  • Improve end-user satisfaction:
    Ensuring the entire modernization process is user-centric, sites are mobile-friendly, intuitive, information is valuable, relevant and easy to find, will improve satisfaction levels. Unfortunately, around 45% online consumers will share a negative experience, so positive experiences are essential for recommendations and glowing reviews.
  • Increase customer retention:
    A fast-loading* and visually appealing UI will not only attract customers, but keep them engaged for longer. And modern UI/UX designs that create excitement will also keep them coming back for more, cultivating customer loyalty.
    *According to  KISSmetrics,  around 16% of mobile users abandon a page if it doesn’t load within 1-5 seconds!
  • Scalability on the cloud:
    We live in a world already transformed by digital technology since the start of the pandemic. As more and more of us are living online, the expectation for uninterrupted accessibility has never been higher. Leveraging advanced cloud technology will enable seamless UI/UX upgrades, bug fixes, and deliver demand-based  cost optimization.
  • Optimize costs:
    Having analyzed end-user behavior and needs, trends and future expectations can also be extrapolated and anticipated. In this way, the UI/UX can be designed to be as flexible and scalable as possible, saving significant future development time, resources and costs.

The Challenges of UI/UX Application Modernization

As mentioned above, unfortunately some end-users, used to doing things habitually, may find a modernized UI a challenge to begin with. However, the more pressing business challenges, and the most common, include:

    • Budget: UI/UX application modernization  is likely to require specialist tools and experience. Any project of this kind should ensure sufficient budget is allocated to cater for potentially outsourcing this level of expertise.
    • Time: during the design process, feedback, via beta-testing, may mean a complete switch or reversal in the original plans. Although responding to feedback is essential, extra time and effort needs to be built in. 
    • Misaligned  Expectations: when the IT department and key stakeholders are not in agreement on the UI/UX application modernization  strategy, it will be almost impossible to execute. Unless digital transformation projects are considered as a whole, the overall vision may not be fully achieved.

UI/UX Application Modernization with SourceFuse

When it comes to digital modernization and UI/UX application modernization, SourceFuse creates a memorable, personalized and deeply engaging experience for all end-users, both customers and employees. We believe that digital transformation is about changing how teams work together, not just what technology they are using to get the work done.

SourceFuse were able to help Suzuki, one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers, to create a dynamic online showroom, to enhance the customer experience and increase the conversion rate. With a modernized web presence, which better appealed to its target audience, Suzuki achieved:

    • 99.99% website uptime
    • 30% decrease in TCO

For a Fintech customer, SourceFuse were able to implement a new UI layer and modern front-end visualization that provided an organized and clean look, as well as optimizing the user experience. This organization was able to achieve:

    • 99.99% online availability
    • 40% cost reductions through optimization
    • 100% security and compliance

Ready to start modernizing your UI/UX application design?

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