SourceFuse Delivers Healthcare Data Security with HIPAA Compliance

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Jul 09, 2021

SourceFuse, a leading provider of industry cloud-native solutions to a 300+ global customer base, announced today that it is now a fully HIPAA compliant organization in its own right. Healthcare data requires unique regulations and compliance, including the most stringent – HIPAA, which sets the standard for sensitive healthcare data security.

Since growing numbers of healthcare providers are undergoing digital transformation, migrating data and services to the cloud, the need for increased healthcare data security, and healthcare data privacy, has never been more important. Achieving HIPAA compliant status means all the solutions and products that we develop, modernize or build at SourceFuse will certainly meet HIPAA security rules. 

“As one of the top providers of healthcare life sciences secure & scalable cloud-based solutions, data security and compliance is our highest priority. Advances in healthcare cloud technology, including health apps, wearables, telemedicine and insurance services, is driving ‘data-driven healthcare’, and why HIPAA compliance is at the core of everything we deliver.”

Gautam Ghai, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, SourceFuse

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Client Benefits:

  • Improved Trust and Credibility: healthcare organizations are able to demonstrate to their customers/patients/insurers that they take the security of PHI extremely seriously. 
  • Protection Against PHI Loss: adhering to and implementing HIPAA security rules ensures each healthcare professional understands how to keep patients’ PHI safe, secure, and private.
  • Better Patient Outcomes: HIPAA ensures a reduction in data discrepancies and thus reduces potential medical errors, improving the overall safety and quality of patient care. 
  • Data Security Assured for Virtual Healthcare: ensuring protection for telemedicine healthcare platforms, now that virtual appointments have become the norm. 
  • Greater Patient Satisfaction: reducing the risk of data security breaches will cultivate trust and loyalty with their healthcare provider and improve ‘customer’ retention.

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