SourceFuse Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Jun 16, 2021

SourceFuse, a leading provider of industry cloud-native solutions to a 300+ global customer base, announced today that it has successfully achieved ISO 27001 Certification. Although not mandated in all countries, ISO 27001 Certification is the ultimate goal for any organization looking to be best-in-class for security management and compliance.

And because SourceFuse solutions manage very sensitive classifications of data, including medical and financial data, ISO 27001 Certification assures clients of the highest levels of security, reliability and trustworthiness.

The ISO Certification validates not only SourceFuse products and services, but the entire company itself; all aspects of cloud migration, application modernization, building bespoke cloud-based applications and managed services were audited in order to meet the exacting requirements for obtaining ISO 27001 approval.

“By implementing ISO 27001, SourceFuse is demonstrating that it takes information security seriously, doing everything possible for our clients to reduce and mitigate risks. We are proud to be able to continue bringing further business value to our customers”

Gautam Ghai, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, SourceFuse

Client Benefits

  • Improved risk management and information security: demonstrates clear commitment to information security management to all stakeholders
  • Compliance with the latest regulatory or legal requirements: regardless of the industry, the ISO 27001 framework ensures responsibilities are adhered to
  • Saves time and costs associated with resolving a problem: preparedness avoids the financial penalties and losses caused by data breaches
  • Builds trust and reputation throughout the business: ISO 27001 shows that the necessary steps have been taken to protect an organization against cyber threats
  • Improved organization of all business processes: helps organizations quickly become more productive, clearly setting out information security responsibilities

Learn how SourceFuse’s ISO 27001 Certification drives business value to our customers. 

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