Healthcare Life Sciences Cloud Services

In the modern Healthcare ecosystem for greatest effectiveness, data must move smoothly among patients, hospitals, electronic health records, clinics, devices, and countless other channels. As a top Healthcare Life Sciences cloud services provider, SourceFuse can migrate your data securely to the cloud & modernize your application with a 3-step process. 


your cloud migration after assessing your potential customer base & go-to-market approach


to the cloud with a zero-downtime policy after building a partnership and analyzing your business needs


your applications with the right-sizing of your resources and a 100% compliant & secure ecosystem

Healthcare Life Sciences Case Studies

SourceFuse enables healthcare Life Sciences enterprises to enhance overall business operations and strengthen security with local and global compliance. Our Cloud Migration strategy is built in such a way that it helps us build secure applications, ensure continuous performance monitoring & testing empowered with 24 X 7 real-time reporting. We have leveraged our Healthcare Life Sciences Cloud Services to help various enterprises migrate to the cloud.


Connecting Patients and Drivers for the Healthcare Life Sciences Industry

A Multi-Tenant web and mobile application that provides an innovative ride-sharing solution to Worker Compensation and Group Health domains in the state of Florida. RelayRIDE can easily execute & manage transport requests, actively monitor rides empowering users and employees with real-time intervention.

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A Cloud-based Medical Field Inventory Management Solution

Cloud Migration of MTS Inc. from a collocated Data Center to a renowned cloud platform ensuring optimized data workflows and increased regulatory compliance with a zero-downtime deployment policy. The technical architecture was migrated ensuring cost optimization & an automated capacity adjusted environment.

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SourceFuse Healthcare Life Sciences Focus

With 14 years of deep expertise, commitment to digital innovation, service excellence, and customer success, we enable the Healthcare Life Sciences Industry through application modernization and windows migration services of legacy workloads. One of the biggest advantages of the Healthcare Life sciences Cloud Migration is the ability to collaborate with peers across the globe and analyze data in real-time.


SourceFuse’s approach to telemedicine is empowerment to strengthen the provider’s knowledge, understand the patient’s comfort zone, and facilitate ease for caregivers. The true benefits of telemedicine can be achieved only when we strive to make Healthcare Life Sciences services secure, quality-driven, and more personalized.

Virtual MSL

As Healthcare Life Sciences trends accelerate, the role of MSL is changing rapidly. Highly specialized conversations with physicians and medical stakeholders are required for today’s healthcare life sciences treatments. This requires scientifically trained systems that can be an essential resource to provide all the information needed in order to better treat their patients. MSLs provide a link to the CIS and real-world data analysis. 


The primary goal for CIS is to improve the delivery of patient care by using better medical knowledge, optimized clinical information systems, and computerized clinical decision. At SourceFuse, we capture information from the most reliable source, support ‘Just-in-time’ decision support delivery, and optimize digital field engagement.

How we ensure Security & Compliance for our Healthcare Life Sciences enterprises?

Being an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we leverage AWS platforms/technologies like AWS IAM, AWS Shield, AWS CloudCheckr, AWS CloudTrail to provide HIPAA and GDPR compliant solutions. As one of the top Healthcare Lifesciences Cloud Services providers, security, and compliance is our highest priority. We keep your data safe as per the regulatory standards, save money while maintaining the highest standard of security, and help your business scale in sync with the security requirements.

What our Customers Say

“Our project RelayRIDE needed the ingenuity and expertise to navigate uncharted land when it came to integrating with Uber and Lyft. SourceFuse built us a new standalone product and seamlessly integrated it with our existing systems.”

– Joe Mccullough, SVP of OneCall

“Competent and professional. They understand AWS Products, fully understand our requirements, and can problem-solve.” 

– Girish Khera, CoFounder, COO, India Head, Scientific Animations