Industry Solutions

Going beyond omnichannel to power top-and bottom-line growth for consumer brands.

Helping sophisticated companies differentiate by leveraging best-in-breed technology and deliver personalized experiences that make it easier for customers.

Research & discovery

Making sure the right product gets built for the right audience.

Product design

Working hand-in-hand to transform your ideas into reality.

Product development

Untangling complexities with front and backend engineering.

Our A-Typical Approach:

Your customers are our customers, and we make it possible for them to fall in love with your business.


Connecting Patients & Drivers.

Re-engineering Lyft to work inside a highly regulated industry.

We created an app for patients and their healthcare managers to book non-emergency transportation. We also created a driver-side app for contracted and approved drivers to navigate and manage their customers.

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Aperio Health

All-In-One Health Intelligence.

Carrying the load of multiple products.

Architected for multi-channel care delivery Aperio incorporates clinical operations, financial/revenue cycle management, and administration into one HIPAA Compliant SaaS product.

Silversphere Solutions

The engine that instantly activates emergency calls.

Connecting caregivers with information.

Built to integrate with legacy hardware, Stratos provides instant and anywhere access to important emergency call system data, alerts, and resident information.

Helping consumer goods leaders create the cutting edge of digital offerings.

With trillions in potential profit at stake, retail, and consumer goods companies need to focus on digitalization. Consumers are truly the epicenter of the retail and consumer packaged goods industries. Their lives are simplified and their lifestyles have improved due to
technological advancements.

Use digital to understand and connect with consumers.

The average consumer has global access to more than one billion products. Competing in this large and competitive playing field is a tall order and requires a wealth of consumer data and touchpoints.

Helping leaders test new business models.

Creating digitally enabled business models to explore new or secondary markets.

  • The sharing (rental) economy
  • The personalization economy (curated subscriptions, replenishment, and smart ordering)
  • The services economy (“Do it for me”)

Consumer SaaS Products

Your SaaS business can be highly profitable, as long as you plan for profits to happen.

SaaS side-steps the complexity of operating systems, device limitations, and the overwhelming nuisance of distribution. Providing new ways to sell, market, and enter consumer environments.

Developing platform-based ecosystems that utilize advanced data science and nails last-mile delivery (a la Amazon), to helping prepare your workforce for how the next wave of digital changes their jobs.