Why our software product team structure works.

One of our clients asked to interview us and discuss how our Software Product Team approach provides value across the entire Software Development Lifecycle.

Do you need development help?

If you’ve made it this far, I’ll assume you do. Or at least you’re looking to improve something in your software development process. Be it people or tools.

Our Product Team structure allows us to fit into your SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) when and where you need help. We configure a team based on your goals.

So, the REAL question is — how do you get over the hump, and make life better for your customers or employees?

Leverage our Software Product Team Structure, to get you there. If you need fractional help to alleviate the workload of one person. Or if you are looking to offload total responsibility. Our Product Team-as-a-Service fits in seamlessly.

There are countless development methods, tactics, and strategies out there, so where do you start? Where do you commit your resources?

Assembling internal teams requires cross-functional roles and demands several diverse perspectives.

Let’s look at a typical Product Teams responsibilities. A typical product team is led by the product manager and includes leaders from engineering; program management; sales; support; operations; and marketing. Playing a crucial organizational role within a company.

The reality is that this team is ALWAYS putting out fires. Finding it difficult to actually deliver on backlog items or feature additions that move the needle.

Why? Because it’s nearly impossible for internal teams to run efficiently and ship code frequently.

Because it’s just too easy for internal software teams to stray from the original plan.

Also, the ugly truth about internal projects is that the best managers and the highly-skilled developers rarely get delegated to work on them – they are usually snatched up for important client projects.

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