This blog dives into a compelling discussion with Mike Ginsburg, CTO of ERIN, the leading employee referral platform. With a profound dedication to driving innovation, his background in the healthcare sector had a direct link with human resources – and that is people. With this in mind, Mike was keen to explore how to accelerate hiring through innovative cloud solutions and simplify the talent acquisition process. It’s a narrative that resonates deeply with SourceFuse’s mission of helping businesses evolve through cloud-native technologies.

In our sit-down interview, Mike generously shares his wealth of experience on ERIN’s digital transformation initiatives, his insights into partnering with a cloud solutions provider, and how integrating generative AI is improving the overall hiring process.

#1: As you assumed the position of CTO at ERIN, how did you initially enable your tech team to optimize their capabilities?

I’ve discovered that ERIN’s success, like many startups, stems from assembling a knowledgeable and talented team dedicated to engaging customers and finding the right product-market fit. This dynamic environment often involves tackling tech challenges, navigating inefficiencies, and managing what I affectionately call ‘controlled chaos’—all aimed at delivering functionality and enhancing our customers’ lives.

To optimize our processes, I focus on ensuring efficiency and being mindful of change equity, avoiding excessive alterations too quickly. Adopting an agile, iterative approach, we make changes, inspect, adapt, and pivot strategically, always elevating the team. Identifying key metrics and building consensus are crucial steps, allowing us to define success and gradually implement changes. Embracing this ‘controlled chaos’ is where innovation thrives.

#2: ‘Leveling-up’ with cloud computing is what you call your “AWS Evolution”. How did that look in practice?

Throughout my career, I’ve led four distinct cloud migration initiatives, each with its own set of complexities. Cloud computing, with its ‘set it and forget it’ model, offers great advantages. However, recognizing the uniqueness of each migration, as a team we assess areas of improvement. Questions about our automated test suite, the configuration of our build pipeline, the adequacy of our environment for beta testing, and customer acceptance are all crucial in achieving maturity and efficiency as a software organization.

And where process optimization is key, the AWS cloud evolution plays a vital role. Leveraging AWS out-of-the-box tools simplify tasks for the team, but cost concerns must be carefully managed to avoid exceeding budgets. Balancing fiscal responsibility with growth, we bring in the right expertise and services while maintaining a sandbox ecosystem for innovation. This allows engineers the freedom to experiment, innovate, and contribute to the company’s growth, ultimately enhancing our customers’ experiences. This vision involves strategic tool incorporation and thoughtful consideration of tools to achieve our goals.

#3: How did you select a cloud solutions partner for your startup?

When deciding to engage with a partner for this project, I recognized the need for the expertise we lacked. The partner had to bring several years of experience in similar projects and industries. Communication skills were crucial, given the reliance on a third party to fulfill commitments. Real-time, dynamic conversations with a responsive team were preferred over just weekly check-ins, allowing for immediate information relay and the introduction of their ideas.

This collaboration wasn’t about simply handing over the project scope; it was a continuous process of identifying improvement opportunities and leveraging the partner’s expertise for recommendations. As I evaluated potential partners, the initial call and their presentation of background and completed projects were pivotal in gauging rapport. SourceFuse stood out, making me feel instantly part of the team during their pitch – a truly positive experience.

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#4: How has SourceFuse contributed to ERIN’s AWS ‘cloud evolution’?

We are ecstatic about the advancements made within the first four months of the project. A standout example is our data warehouse in the architecture, vital for analytics and third-party tool integration. During the project, SourceFuse recommended a pivot, shifting from a hefty data warehouse instance to a smaller relational database. This resulted in substantial cost savings and increased efficiency—a brilliant suggestion not initially in the project scope.

Another noteworthy instance revolves around generative AI. I envisioned enhancing candidate job matching using AI and natural language processing. In discussions with the SourceFuse team, they swiftly created a proof of concept, showcasing the possibilities and integration into the current ecosystem. This was beyond the project’s original scope, but they enthusiastically embraced it, exemplifying the dynamic collaboration and the potential to achieve remarkable outcomes beyond the initial objectives.

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#5: What advice would you offer to other companies aiming to elevate their cloud computing capabilities?

Well, the obvious first step is to reach out to SourceFuse and obtain a quote! However, considering the importance of communication, exploring your options is crucial. When engaging with potential partners, carefully examine their background and skill set. 

Recognize that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for cloud migration or modernization or AWS cloud evolution. Look for a partner willing to collaborate with you to define the desired outcomes and tailor a solution to meet those objectives. While some companies offer a cookie-cutter approach with pre-packaged tools, it’s essential to think about the bigger picture and long-term goals. Seek a partner like SourceFuse that can provide support and guidance throughout the journey.

#6: What exciting developments at ERIN can we anticipate for 2024 and beyond?

2024 is set to be an exciting year for us. We’re gearing up for our significant v5.0 release this spring, marking the initial step into generative AI with vector search-enabled matching. This aligns with our broader initiative to deeply engage with talent acquisition (TA) teams, enhancing their experience through predictive analytics, improved dashboarding, and performance metrics. Our goal is to revolutionize the TA landscape, benefiting candidates, hiring managers, and the TA team.

As part of this vision, we aim to streamline the referral process via text messaging, Slack, or Microsoft Teams, eliminating barriers and ensuring the right people find the right roles. Ultimately, our focus is on saving time, saving money, and enhancing overall company performance.

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