From education to finance to healthcare, the ability to communicate virtually and in real-time has never been as important as it is today. In the last couple of years, video conferencing software has rapidly evolved to keep up with demand. And while some industries can implement off-the-shelf cloud solutions, others, such as healthcare life sciences, require unique teleconference capabilities. For example, the need to adhere to nuanced regulatory policies, such as GDPR and HIPAA compliance to guarantee data security.

In this post, we look at how businesses can accelerate their business plans, the innovative technology that makes it all possible, and provide some real examples of how video conferencing apps are used in business today.

Accelerating Design, Development, & Roll-out

Recent demand for secure, real-time chat, audio and video applications has accelerated technological innovation in the telecommunications industry. In fact, the video conferencing market is expected to reach $9.2 billion by 2027, almost doubling since 2019 (FnF Research, 2020). While online meeting platforms/apps don’t aim to entirely eliminate face-to-face interactions, the benefits, such as increased savings, improved productivity, and enhanced customer experience, are well acknowledged.

What is perhaps less well acknowledged is the difference between cloud technology partners, which can have a major impact on go-to-market timelines. For example, at SourceFuse, our microservices-first approach, SourceFuse ARC (formerly known as SourceLoop), accelerates design, development, and roll-out of modern cloud-native enterprise applications:


Faster than industry benchmarks


TCO savings & eliminating vendor lock-ins

Game-Changing Real-Time Communication Technology

A critical element of selecting the right cloud technology partner is also about what technology they can bring to the design and development of video conferencing apps. Providing added value means much more than security and compliance essentials. AWS Advanced Consulting Partners, which also have compelling third-party partnerships, have the ability to build world-class chat, audio, and video applications. Such game-changing technology includes the integration of:

  • Automatic translation – in real-time chat, end users can type in their own language and the application automatically translates to the chosen language of the recipient.
  • Language recognition – whether spoken or written, it’s possible to implement tools to automatically recognize the language before translating.
  • Speech-to-text transcription – for auditing purposes and documentation completeness, it’s possible to automatically transcribe speech to text.
  • Spontaneous clinical decision support – leveraging AI and machine learning, tools can be implemented to make instant recommendations regarding, for example, allergens or contraindications.
  • UI / UX – modern application design creates a memorable, personalized and deeply engaging experience for all end-users.

At SourceFuse, as well as being able to implement this level of innovation, we also partnered with PubNub and Vonage to develop best-in-class online meeting apps. Here’s why:

  • PubNub – as leading real-time communication API provider, SourceFuse is proud to be PubNub’s first and only Premier Tier Integration Partner. They deliver second-to-none bi-directional transport of real-time messages between end users, with enterprise-grade security.
  • Vonage – making communications more flexible, intelligent, and personal. It brings leaders in unified communications, contact centers, and communications APIs together, to create the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform.

Use Cases: Putting the Tech into Action

Implementing this innovative technology, here are some examples where customers have achieved the best user experience combined with best-in-class safety and reliability.

  • Dr Reddy’s Laboratories
    With its mantra ‘good health can’t wait’, Dr Reddy’s mission was to ensure patients and care teams could collaborate better to improve treatment outcomes. This drove the ethos behind developing a one-of-its-kind healthcare application.
    Read more here.
  • Telescope Health
    A reimagined cloud-based telehealth platform that efficiently, effectively and securely moves data across the healthcare ecosystem to improve the healthcare experience for both patients and providers.
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    App Video Conferencing
    Device independent audio-video conferencing helping patients to connect with a doctor at any time, from anywhere in the world.
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    App Video Conferencing


At SourceFuse, we have been building enterprise grade communication and collaboration platforms for the past 16 years. Our strength as a systems integrator means we are able to combine and deploy the most advanced suite of tools and services.

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