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.NET Migrations and Modernization

Manage, build, deploy, and scale .NET workloads outside of expensive legacy environments.

Learn how to modernize:

  • Scale migrations quickly to meet a specific business case
  • Optimize in order to achieve a tangible benefit, without changing the core architecture
  • Add features, scale, or performance that would otherwise be difficult to achieve in the application’s existing environment
dotNET Migrations and Modernization

.NET is one of the most popular programming frameworks in the world. Designed to perform on Windows, which can become expensive and subject to Vendor lock-in, making future development dependent on Microsoft.

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eBook Download: Migrating and Modernizing .NET Web Applications

Everything you need to know about migrating and modernizing both off-the-shelf and custom .NET applications.

  • Understand application expectations
  • Use automation whenever possible
  • Leverage containers to improve the agility of application delivery

Flexible Options for Microsoft Licenses in the AWS Cloud

  1. Flexible pay-as-you-go licensing choices
  2. Bring your license mobility benefits to AWS
  3. Bring your existing licenses to AWS with OR without Software Assurance
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.NET Migration & Modernization

Move legacy .NET applications to the AWS Cloud and gain immediate operational efficiency and cost savings.

  • Bring your existing Windows license
  • Upgrade any .NET application only supporting 32-bit operating systems to support 64-bit operating systems

Adopt a lenient – low risk, low-cost migration approach. Utilizing levers of optimization:

  • Right-Sizing
  • Reserved Instances
  • Elasticity
  • Application Portability

Fund your modernization with the cost savings realized from an updated/optimized environment and application.

  • Leverage cloud migration savings to modernize
  • End-of-life software can leave applications vulnerable and outdated

Programs to Accelerate and Aid Migration

Rapid Migration POCs

Migrate your first Windows workload in a week.

Rapid Migration offers customers a partner-led migration of one qualifying application build in a one-week engagement.


Accelerate time to value with Re:Think.

Re:Think for Windows is designed to help those who want to migrate or build significant Windows Server, SQL Server, and .NET workloads on AWS.

Migration Acceleration Program

Leverage AWS expertise in migrating your workloads.

Providing tools, training, migration methodology, partner support, and investment benefits to help with all things migration.