Demystifying the concepts of cloud modernization

When we talk of digital transformation, what comes to mind – consolidation of disparate systems? Increasing efficiency and saving costs? Improving security and compliance? Well you’d be spot on. However, many businesses simply associate digital transformation with cloud migration only – and yet it is so much more. At the heart of transforming businesses on their cloud journey is modernization – the key element of the process that unlocks the full potential of advanced  cloud technology and services.

While migration is well understood as ‘making the move to the cloud’, or moving to a new cloud provider, the term modernization is used less often. Why? Because it calls for an advanced level of knowledge and expertise to choose from the hundreds of available options that will truly maximize business growth.

In this post, we’ll define modernization and what’s in it for enterprises, share 3 use cases of modernization, and provide best practices for getting started with modernization today.

What is Cloud Modernization?

Cloud modernization can be defined as the process of progressively transforming applications, workloads and infrastructure to extend into higher-value cloud native services, such as serverless environments and containerization. The ability to implement additional operational models more efficiently frees up valuable resources, unlocks new business capabilities, accelerates innovation, and reduces technical debt.

Unlike migration, modernization should not be thought of as an end-goal but as a continuous process of improvement. A strategic and phased approach, including proof of concept study, will ensure business benefits are realized long into the future, and manage the expectation that modernization brings immediate, overnight improvements. Every organization has different needs and priorities, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

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Why is Cloud Modernization Important?

For legacy infrastructures, going beyond a straightforward migration may feel like a daunting prospect – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? And herein lies the fear: any legacy system can’t go on functioning forever BUT if tampered with, as required for modernization, the worry is its fragility could cause untold damage to business operations if it ‘breaks’.

At SourceFuse, we overcome the fear of legacy system ‘breakdown’ with a phased approach. Before we touch anything, we carry out a full assessment to provide a roadmap that identifies risks and recovery plans. In this way, we ensure our clients experience a positive business impact when modernizing. Ultimately, adopting a modernization approach helps get more business value from cloud investment:


Security and Compliance*


Potential Efficiency Gains*


Potential Cost Savings*

*Potential results may vary, but SourceFuse achieved these results for its clients.

3 Real Examples of Modernization

  1. Legacy App Modernization
    The process of upgrading or improving your existing digital platform with the help of modern solutions that will support future digital goals. SourceFuse customer, BluHorn, achieved:
    • 99.99% increase in availability
    • 35% reduction in server costs
    • 93% increase in performance efficiency

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  2. UI UX Modernization
    Creating a robust app design that increases end-user experience, achieves greater conversion rates through better engagement, and maximizes business benefits. Implementing a new UI layer and modern front-end visualization, a SourceFuse global fintech customer achieved:
    • 99.99% online availability
    • 40% cost reductions through optimization
    • 100% security and compliance

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  3. Windows Workloads Modernization with AWS
    Incorporating the very latest in AWS tools and services to progressively modernize apps, data, and infrastructure. This might include porting applications from .NET Framework to .NET Core, converting monoliths to microservices, or implementing containers and serverless technologies. SourceFuse customer, Medical Tracking Solutions, Inc., achieved:
    • 40% reduction in TCO
    • Increased security and reliability
    • Zero-downtime deployment policy

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Getting Started with Modernization

At SourceFuse, our passion is helping to transform and modernize enterprises, maximizing the value of any cloud investment. We call this modernization-led cloud migration, enabling enterprises to focus on their future growth and innovation. As an advanced AWS Consulting Partner, SourceFuse end-to-end cloud modernization incorporates the very latest in cloud technology and services to improve flexibility, security, and scalability.

Bottom Line

The collaborative partnership between SourceFuse and AWS is what brings real transformative customer successes. Being recognized by AWS as a mature Consulting Partner, SourceFuse has collaborated with AWS to develop a modernization capability. Working with Satish Upreti, Senior Migration Partner Solution Architect Lead at AWS, our Modernization led migration capability has been supporting our customer’s digital transformation journeys.

Modernize and transform your business on the cloud. Ready to get started?