SourceFuse Achieves ‘PubNub Premier Tier Partner’ Status

[Jacksonville, Florida] May 04, 2021

SourceFuse, a leading provider of industry cloud-native solutions to over 250 global customers, announced today that it is now the first and only Premier Tier Integration Partner of PubNub. 

This puts SourceFuse into a unique position to advance customer interests leveraging capability from PubNub’s Real-Time Communication Platform. We are thrilled to achieve this level of partner status. As a PubNub Premier Tier Integration Partner, we have demonstrated deep technical expertise with their APIs and infrastructure, and achieved meaningful customer success on behalf of clients including Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, One Call, BluHorn and many others.

“We are thrilled that SourceFuse has achieved PubNub’s highest tier of integration partner status, which is a tremendous milestone. With deep expertise in Healthcare and other industries, you’ve been a great partner over the years, and we look forward to working together for many more years to come. Not only are you a pleasure to work with, but you continue to raise the innovation bar.” 

Jonas Gray, VP of Business Development, PubNub

Understanding SourceFuse’s Implementation of PubNub

PubNub is an excellent platform that can be integrated to build digital products on the cloud with real-time communication at their core. PubNub has been our go-to, BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service). Over the last 5 years, we’ve built secure healthcare chat applications, mission-critical patient value care systems, and other social products where we’ve used PubNub to sprinkle a little pixie dust to create beautiful modern user experiences. 

One such HIPAA Compliant AI-enabled Telemedicine Solution built by SourceFuse is SF Medic’. Powered by AWS Machine Learning services, SF Medic weaves cognitive computing to provide smart & language-independent assistance to doctors and personalized health consultation for patients. With SF Medic, PubNub has been integrated along with AWS to provide bi-directional transport of real-time messages between doctor and patient, and to trigger AWS services such as Amazon Translate, Amazon Comprehend Medical, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Polly.

“The performance, security, and reliability of PubNub’s data stream network have been second to none. What stands them apart from their competitors is the constant innovation around features like serverless compute (Functions) and Storage (Objects) that allow us to build true real-time experiences for our clients.”

–  Kabir Singh Chandhoke, COO, SourceFuse

SourceFuse is focused on empowering enterprises with a full spectrum of innovative, digital-first cloud-native solutions. To accelerate our goal of enterprises unlocking the true power of the Cloud, be it in Healthcare Life Sciences, Finance, Media, or others, we encourage technological partnerships to bring our knowledge together to disrupt the status quo. As PubNub’s Premier Partner, we plan on incorporating their enterprise-grade security, 99.999% SLA-backed reliability, and <100 ms worldwide latency with our cloud-based solutions in multiple ways. 

About PubNub

Founded in 2010, PubNub is the leading real-time communication API provider that powers interactive virtual spaces for thousands of customers, from Peloton and Clubhouse to Adobe, athenahealth, and Atlassian. We basically make it easy to build scalable, real-time applications. By providing customers with a secure, reliable, and global API platform, product development teams can focus on innovation instead of infrastructure.

PubNub offers 75+ SDKs, enterprise-grade security, 99.999% SLA-backed reliability, <100 ms worldwide latency, and global scalability to support a variety of unique, in-app experiences. PubNub supports use cases including chat, virtual events, collaboration, alerting, IoT device control, real-time updates, and push notifications to help companies build engaging, scalable, and reliable apps.

Media Contact:
Vaidant Singh, CMO, SourceFuse, Phone: +1-800-578-3873,