Cloud Cost Optimization

Right size cloud computing resources, analyze your cloud costs and master your cloud cost optimization technique

Cloud Optimization

Cost Management and Monitoring

Do more than just reduce costs – Take control of your cloud spend with cloud cost optimization tools

  • Opt for Modernization Led Cloud Migration
  • Opt for Cloud Auto Scaling
  • Consult with highly trained DevOps Engineers 
  • Consult with our AWS Ambassadors to enhance your cloud cost optimization
  • Leverage Reserved and Spot Instances 
  • Benefit from Managed Cloud Services
  • Gain visibility and draw cost insights with cloud optimization tools and services
  • Optimize cloud storage and manage large volumes of data from varied sources at a lower cost
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Controlling Costs

Manage your resources with the best cloud cost optimization practices

Match Capacity with Demand for your resources, implement cloud optimization processes to identify resource waste and enhance control through consolidated billing and access permission.

  • Identify unused assets within your cloud environment
  • Correctly configure resources to deliver better throughput
  • Analyze storage needs and lower ongoing costs
Cloud Cost Optimization tools

Mitigating Risks

Cut cloud costs but don’t overlook security and compliance

Business and organization leaders need to set appropriate guardrails in place so as to maintain control over cost, governance, and security. Achieve your highest cloud compliance standard while we maximize your ROI in the Cloud with AWS Cost Optimization tools

  • Cost Monitoring, Analytics, and Reporting 
  • Modernize IT without compromising on Security at a lower cost
  • Set up Budgets and allocate costs to teams and projects

Gaining Clear Visibility

Improve Transparency with the right cloud cost optimization tools

You need complete, near real-time visibility of your cost and usage information to make informed decisions. We make it easier for you to manage cloud spend and plan ahead to become more cost efficient on the cloud.

  • Make use of our Cloud Certified Associates for better recommendations
  • Track billing information across the organization in a consolidated view
  • Track your cloud resource consumption and correctly configure resources to deliver performance
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Cost optimization on AWS

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One Call saves it’s customers $40 million via RelayRIDE, a first of its kind healthcare transportation solution built by SourceFuse

SourceFuse migrates BluHorn, a media buying SaaS Company to the cloud optimizing their costs by 35%