Being Part of the Change at HIMSS for a Brighter Health Future HIMSS 21: Transforming the Health Ecosystem

From 9th to 13th August, professionals from across the global health ecosystem gathered at HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition. This annual event is designed to bring together thought leaders, influencers and innovators, to reimagine the future of health information and technology.

And this year was especially exciting, since the easing of COVID restrictions meant it was possible to start coming back again together in person. With an emphasis on lively day and evening networking events, both in-person or virtually, there was the opportunity to reunite with old friends or make new connections, just as SourceFuse’s Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Kelly Dyer, experienced while there in-person.

This year’s HIMSS conference showcased a wide variety of topics, with 19 visionary keynotes and over 40 featured speakers, covering themes that included:

  • Leveraging digital health to tackle future health crises
  • The importance of cross-spectrum interoperability, in the age of COVID and beyond
  • Making sense of health data to accelerate the shift from a reactive to proactive healthcare system
  • Digital health in action – results and lessons learned
  • The new digital approach to medicine

Key Takeaways

With conversations around how the health industry has been adapting to a new normal over the past year and a half, looking at lessons learned and what can be done to plan for a new future, some thought-provoking themes and highlights included:

  • There’s no going back to the way things were. However, we have an opportunity to rethink what our strategies and what our organizations should look like.
  • With more healthcare being delivered via cloud environments, cybersecurity and building resilience is more important than ever.
  • Unlocking value from data is the next boundary in moving the healthcare ecosystem forward, toward more personalized and equitable care.
  • Our goal should be creating the healthiest communities for everyone, by offering more options closer to home, helping parents care for their families, and making primary care available for everyone.
  • The key to improving patient experience is to get the perspective from everyone involved in, or who impact, their care – clinicians, caregivers, even non-clinical staff.
  • The pandemic has motivated people to take more responsibility for preserving their own health – and improved access to digital health tools and technology plays a key role in improving our physical and mental wellbeing. 
  • As we drive strategies and make decisions based on health data analytics, we must never forget that we’re dealing with humans, not just numbers on a spreadsheet.
  • The future of healthcare will be the digitally connected combination of social care, community care, secondary and tertiary care, enabling a more data-driven, integrated and personalized patient journey.

“Be The Change”

The caption for HIMSS 2021 was “Be The Change”. Rather than an instruction, it’s about making a commitment across the healthcare industry to forge the healthiest, most accessible, equitable health and wellness systems possible.

And as a top healthcare life sciences cloud services provider, SourceFuse is doing just that. Examples of how SourceFuse is helping healthcare enterprises to enhance overall business operations, and strengthen HIPAA and GDPR security and compliance, include:

  • MTS Inc. – A Cloud-Based Medical Field Inventory Management Solution
    Cloud Migration of MTS Inc. from a collocated Data Center to a renowned cloud platform ensuring optimized data workflows and increased regulatory compliance with a zero-downtime deployment policy. The technical architecture was migrated ensuring cost optimization & an automated capacity adjusted environment. Read the full case study
  • RelayRIDE – Connecting patients & drivers for the healthcare life sciences industry
    A multi-tenant web and mobile application that provides an innovative ride-sharing solution to Worker Compensation and Group Health domains in the state of Florida. RelayRIDE can easily execute & manage transport requests, actively monitor rides empowering users and employees with real-time intervention. Read the full case study
  • Why Analytics and Machine Learning Matter in Healthcare
    With the rise of AI, SourceFuse provides a niche focus on helping healthcare organizations leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract key information, insights, and relationships from their data. Read the full article to discover more.

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