Why Choose Amazon EKS?

Containerization with Kubernetes has revolutionized the way cloud-native applications are developed, deployed, and managed. And, container orchestration adds additional management & deployment automation. This helps in reaping the true benefits of scale, to optimize costs across the enterprise.

With managed orchestration platforms like Amazon EKS, the underlying infrastructure is taken care of by AWS, allowing you to focus your efforts on providing business value.

To quickly deploy your cloud-native applications with mature CI/CD pipelines, SourceFuse’s DevOps professionals will assist you in utilizing the benefits that come with Amazon EKS.

Benefits with Amazon EKS

Fully compatible with applications running on any standard Kubernetes environment

Automatically manages the availability & scalability of the Kubernetes control plane nodes

Reduces costs with efficient compute resource provisioning

Runs the Kubernetes management infrastructure across multiple availability zones to eliminate a single point of failure

Certified Kubernetes-conformant, so you can use existing tooling & plugins

Gives the advantage of performance, scale, reliability, and availability of AWS infrastructure

Built-in integrations with AWS networking & security services

Automatic security patches applied to your cluster’s control plane for a more secure environment

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