Product Engineering

Eliminating patch management.

Legacy systems can require constant maintenance and complex updates to keep up with digital transformations.

Systems Integrations

Integrating multiple digital touch points to create a seamless experience. Whether your goal is to optimize internal processes or acquire external customers.

Quick MVP's

We help you distill and develop a particular set of features that forms a solution cable of fulfilling your end-user needs.

Our A-Typical Approach:

We don't think of digital products as a means to an end. Our products are a catalyst for transformation while helping you keep pace with customer expectations and competitors.


Connecting Patients and Drivers.

Re-engineering Lyft to work inside a highly regulated industry.

We created an app for patients and their healthcare managers to book non-emergency transportation. We also created a driver-side app for contracted and approved drivers to navigate and manage their customers.

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BluHorn Media

A Media Buying Web App.

100% Web-Based.

Their proprietary Update Rating calculates an ad buys rating based on demographics, reach and performance. To properly run the algorithm we have to warehouse and interpret dozens of different datasets, from comScore and Nielsen, to forecast and analyze performance.

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Word-of-Mouth Marketing Made Simple.

Searching for Interests, Hobbies, and Bucket Lists.

A Marketplace for Micro-Influencers with a single-page admin panel built with VueJS, and consumer-facing apps talking to APIs exposed via ExpressJS.

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Software Development The 4th Industrial Revolution

Developing Custom Business Software Since Software Became Integral To Business.
Utilize location-based features, encrypted communication, and data transfers, or elastic compute power to create a product that will be the next “Uber of…”

Code Libraries

Programming Frameworks provide us with a steady foundation on which we can leverage pre-written and fine-tuned libraries to speed up development and reduce errors.

Agile Software Development Processes

Traditionally running in 2-week sprints.  We share more frequent demos and retrospectives while providing more frequent metric data points.

Code In Multiple Languages

Natively speaking practical and future-proof development languages used by the majority of the IT industry.

Programming Frameworks

The foundation of our programs and products. These frameworks standardize code and can be applied to a variety of modules or applications.



AngularJS an open-source front-end web application framework.




Microsoft .Net

Microsoft .Net

Programming Languages

If frameworks are the foundation, programming languages are the walls, windows, and roof. We use these vocabularies to build applications and essentially tell a piece of software what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.







Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Running An Agile Software Development Lifecycle

We are an integrated team of product engineers and software developers using the latest approaches, frameworks, and tools to continually deliver software experiences. Prioritizing your list of features and creating custom software solutions that perform in the context of your business needs.

  • Learning through problem-solving
  • Improving problem-solving techniques
  • Removing distractions
  • Focused on implementation

Agile Process