Product Engineering

Creating Revenue With Innovative Technologies.

Re-engineering channel management to create revenue with E-commerce and Marketing Automation solutions.

Automating Sales Channels

Our E-commerce roots run deep. InventorySource is an early E-commerce success story of ours. Working together for 10+ years we are still evolving a product that is routinely ranked best-in-class for Dropship Automation Software & Integrated Supplier Networks.

Future Marketplaces

Pioneering trends in E-commerce App Development. Including Geofencing, Chatbots, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Recommendation Engine, Cloud Computing, and SecurePayments.

Subscription Products

A subscription model creates a “never-ending product,” where customers request innovation and SourceFuse delivers.

Our A-Typical Approach:

We don't think of digital products as a means to an end. Our products are a catalyst for transformation while helping you keep pace with customer expectations and competitors.


Dropship Automation Software.

Allowing you to automate online sales.

InventorySource is an E-commerce SaaS product and one of our longest engaments that is routinely winning industry awards.

Suzuki Motorcycles

An Online Showroom.

Replacing .Net with a PIM.

Turning a legacy click-heavy and error-prone process into a seamless workflow that can me manged by one employee.

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Collinson Global Loyalty

Omnichannel Customer Experience Platform.

Custom internal software that delivers results.

Creating efficiencies to drive down operational expenses while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Think beyond the traditional revenue model, and discover additional monetization opportunity.

Integrating and exposing APIs can be a big part of any successful E-commerce strategy. We design and develop platforms to enable disparate endpoints to communicate with one another and drive order management, fulfillment, inventory, and create revenue.

  • Use technology to transform historically rules-based processes.
  •  Machine learning can look for patterns that have the most impact on business.

Machine Learning's Greatest Potential Is Driving Revenue In The Enterprise.

Intelligent decision making

AI and machine learning applications revolve around more intelligent decision making which drives engagement and profit.

AWS Rekognition



A Software as a Service (SaaS) offering will create business opportunities.

All around us, we see companies turning into cutting-edge SaaS exclusive corporations realizing revenue, because SaaS technology helps expand the corporate ecosystem.

Strategic SaaS revenue models
  • Recurring Billing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Subscription Plans
  • Upsells -- adding a layer of profit on top of a layer of profit.
  • Affiliate Sales
  • White Label Licensing