Following our last blog,How Should an Enterprise Think About Future Readiness on the Cloud?” this blog takes a look at how the SourceFuse approach can help you overcome the key cloud migration challenges.

In our last blog, we explored the very real challenges that enterprise businesses may struggle with, challenges that become road-blocks, preventing organizations taking the next step towards digital transformation. Getting prepared is key, and this is where SourceFuse can help.

At the heart of SourceFuse’s approach is the drive to solve real-world enterprise business problems with better systems and better data, employing ‘best-in-class’ technology to achieve a cloud-native digital transformation.

Regardless of the size of your company, SourceFuse takes the time to fully understand your business needs, and develops a collaborative and strategic alignment. Where your challenges exist, especially with legacy systems and legacy data, our team of experts will advise and develop applications that allow you to focus on your core business innovation, and in doing so become part of your long-term modernization vision.

In order to support your preparations towards digital transformation, SourceFuse’s Managed Cloud Services operate on five pillars of AWS well-architected framework:

  • Security – ensuring data is secure and control access authorization
  • Operational excellence – meeting industry-specific regulatory compliances
  • Reliability – maximizing uptime, scalability and flexibility
  • Cost optimization – managing costs effectively with the ability to adjust as required
  • Performance efficiency – transparency to monitor and manage process performance

How We Do It

Modernization Led Cloud Migration

  • We will assess and analyze your organization’s readiness for operating in the cloud, along with security risk assessments
  • Understand your business objectives to help you develop your business case
  • Plan, design and optimize your cloud migration strategy, incorporating AWS Cloud Migration Services and best practices
  • Conduct the pilot, schedule migration and perform rigorous security & regression testing
  • Transform and scale with a deeper understanding of the interdependencies between applications for the next step – Application Modernization
  • Build and configure KPI’s for a seamless end-user experience and application performance
  • Establish security automation for analyzing, protecting and enforcing regulatory compliance
  • Iterate on your new foundation, turn off old systems, and constantly evolve towards a modern operating model

Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Gain visibility and draw cost insights with cloud optimization tools and services
  • Match capacity and demand for your resources with the best cloud optimization practices
  • Identify unused assets within your cloud environment
  • Correctly configure resources to deliver better throughput
  • Analyze storage needs and lower ongoing costs
  • Maximize ROI in the cloud to maintain control over cost, governance, and security

Cloud Managed Services

  • Leveraging deep knowledge of AWS cloud computing technology and process automation tools for increased efficiencies, built-in security and HIPAA compliance
  • Providing a range of Managed Cloud Services’ Plans to maximize your ROI
  • Proactive Managed Services for your cloud environment, including guaranteed uptime, customized monitoring reports, and continuous performance testing

Data Analytics

  • Building intelligent AI/ML solutions for data-driven businesses with state-of-the-art AWS infrastructure
  • Accelerating predictive analytics for better decision-making
  • Gain competitive advantages through improved data visualization and process automation

DevOps Services

  • Cloud-native approach for application modernization and multi-cloud management
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery for seamless deployment
  • Maximizing scalability to provide an infrastructure based on your business needs
  • Active application monitoring to increase performance outputs
  • Build, test and seamlessly deploy new features and solutions

The SourceFuse Mission

Our mission at SourceFuse is to help enterprise businesses do more, by delivering continuous cloud-native Tech innovation, customized to meeting your business goals. Moving to the cloud is a great first step, but to really tap into the true power of cloud and scale BIG, going cloud-native and modernizing your applications will allow you to take full advantage of all the cloud has to offer. In addition, SourceFuse can accelerate your application development using SourceFuse ARC, a unique open source, microservices-first approach (based on IBM’s Loopback framework). And the results speak for themselves: our team of experts have been transforming the way today’s most successful enterprises develop breakthroughs, from day one strategy preparation through to implementation and beyond. Ready to get started with your digital transformation?