Businesses face the constant challenge of keeping up with the latest advancements in technology while ensuring the sustainability of their legacy systems. This delicate balance between innovation and stability can be achieved through the power of cloud-native technologies and the expertise of   AWS Advanced Consulting Partners.

With a rich history of building cloud-native applications and assisting enterprises in their large-scale cloud migration journey, SourceFuse is now thrilled to announce its collaboration with AWS as a Cross Specialization Application Modernization  Partner. Together, they aim to empower organizations in modernizing their legacy stacks by leveraging open-source cloud-native technologies.

The Power of Cloud-Native Transformation

Cloud-native technologies have revolutionized the way modern applications are built, deployed, and managed. By adopting a cloud-native approach, businesses can achieve scalability, agility, and resilience, enabling them to meet the demands of today’s dynamic market. SourceFuse, with its 17 years of experience in  cloud-native application development, understands the transformative power of these technologies. By leveraging open-source tools and frameworks, they have successfully helped numerous enterprises unlock the full potential of the cloud.

Unleashing the Synergy: SourceFuse and AWS

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, SourceFuse has played a pivotal role in assisting enterprises throughout their cloud journey. Now, as a Modernization Partner, SourceFuse along with AWS, is joining forces to tackle the complex task of  modernizing legacy stacks  sustainably. By combining their expertise, they offer a comprehensive solution that allows organizations to seamlessly transition from their traditional architectures to a cloud-native ecosystem.

Sustainable Modernization with Open-Source Technologies

The collaboration between SourceFuse and AWS focuses on sustainable modernization, ensuring that businesses can migrate and update their legacy systems without compromising stability or incurring excessive costs. Leveraging open-source cloud-native technologies, organizations can benefit from a vibrant and collaborative community that continuously enhances and refines these tools. SourceFuse’s extensive knowledge and experience in building cloud-native applications led to the launch of its open-source   rapid application development   framework –   ARC by SourceFuse. ARC, with its catalog of prebuilt backend microservices, micro-frontends, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) modules, combined with AWS Cloud tools and services, create a robust foundation for modernization endeavors.

Containerization with AWS EKS

Containers have emerged as a game-changing technology in the world of application deployment, and SourceFuse and AWS recognize the importance of   containerization in modernizing legacy stacks. By deploying containers on AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), organizations can achieve flexibility, scalability, and efficient resource utilization. AWS EKS provides a managed Kubernetes service that simplifies the deployment and management of containers, enabling businesses to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure management. SourceFuse’s Amazon EKS Service Delivery  designation recognizes our deep understanding of Amazon EKS, demonstrated experience, and proven customer success helping customers manage, deliver, and optimize containerized workloads with Amazon EKS.

Customer-Centric Approach

SourceFuse and AWS share a customer-centric approach, working closely with organizations to understand their unique requirements and challenges. As part of the cross-specialization, they collaborate with customers to develop tailored modernization strategies  that align with their specific business objectives. With an emphasis on seamless integration, minimal disruption, and maximum value, SourceFuse and AWS are committed to helping businesses achieve a successful transition to the cloud-native paradigm.

In Summary

The collaboration between   SourceFuse  and AWS on modernization brings forth a powerful alliance dedicated to guiding enterprises on their journey towards cloud-native transformation. By leveraging open-source cloud-native technologies and deploying containers on AWS EKS, organizations can modernize their legacy stacks sustainably, while enjoying the benefits of scalability, agility, and cost optimization. With SourceFuse’s expertise in building cloud-native applications and AWS’s cutting-edge infrastructure, businesses can embrace the future of technology confidently. Together, SourceFuse and AWS empower enterprises to unlock the full potential of their   legacy systems, driving innovation, and achieving sustainable growth in today’s digital landscape.

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