Leveraging the Amazon Call Center success story into businesses everywhere

For contact centers of all sizes, the customer experience is everything. With many businesses using a combination of third-party agents, contract workers, and on-site staff across global locations, processes can get complicated, expensive and siloed. And with increasing numbers of at-home staff since the 2020 pandemic, remote connectivity or network issues can further impact the customer experience.

Customer behaviors have changed over time, with higher expectations of personalized interaction to resolve their queries quickly – businesses need to adapt.

This post explores common contact center challenges, improving customer experiences with a modernized AWS cloud solution, Amazon Connect, along with some real examples of how it’s used in business today.

Contact Center Challenges

The most common contact center challenges can ultimately result in frustration and poor experiences for both the customer and the agent, with some issues ending up going unresolved or being incorrectly escalated.

Lack of real-time insights

Customer information lost when transferring a call, customers having to repeat themselves, or agents not knowing the customer history

Work-from-anywhere agility

Increased reliance on remote access to legacy systems, disparate data sources, and uncoordinated approach for outsourced contractors

Coordinating multiple channels

Disjointed transition between phone, chat, website communication, disconnected information across platforms, increased average call-handling time

Data security & privacy

Reservations about data protection when migrating from on-prem to the cloud; maintaining regulatory compliance

amazon connect

Why Amazon Connect?

Over 10 years ago, Amazon developed technology for its own retail contact center to enable fast, personal, dynamic, anticipatory, and natural customer experiences.

Since then, Amazon Connect makes the same capabilities available for all businesses. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has helped thousands of organizations set up an easy-to-use, omnichannel cloud contact center, making it easy for agents to navigate customer sentiment in real-time and quickly adjust to changing customer behavior.

Large or small, these companies enjoyed a number of similar benefits – from improvements in customer experiences, support for remote agents, and increased agent productivity to substantial IT cost savings, faster innovation, and scalability to meet their needs. In addition, built-in AI and machine-learning provides automated interactions to improve overall customer service – a win-win for organizations, agents and customers.

With Amazon Connect, a contact center can be rapidly deployed, easily scaled up or down, with no minimum fees, so agents can immediately start helping customers.

2 weeks

to deploy an omnichannel cloud contact center

20 mins​

to train a new agent for increased efficiency & performance

Up to 80%

saving over traditional contact center solutions

SourceFuse Puts Amazon Connect into Action

With over 16 years of deep expertise as a cloud-native company, and as a leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, SourceFuse helps redefine businesses with access to the best AWS services and tools. With our dedicated AWS Certified team of experts, we have integrated Amazon Connect to several solutions, helping enterprises accelerate their customer experience goals.

One such case is One Call RelayRIDE, where the customers are patients. For the One Call dedicated team of agents, our custom app provided seamless communication between call center, patients and drivers. Benefits include:

  • 40% reduction in journey cost through live tracking and monitoring
  • 50% reduction in missed appointments
  • $40 million saved in the healthcare industry
  • Improved efficiency through automating manual processes, such as phone calls, logging actions, and scheduling
  • Easy-to-use interface minimizes training & ensures patients are kept in touch during every step of their journey

Bottom Line

With just a small increase in customer satisfaction, organizational revenue can be significantly enhanced. Modernizing to a cloud-based omnichannel contact center with Amazon Connect can deliver superior experiences at scale.

Ready to take your customer experiences to new heights? Let SourceFuse help you discover the possibilities of modernizing your contact center.