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What if you could Netflix at the Blockbuster Store next door? (Blockbuster Stores, once a giant for movie rentals in the US got slayed by Netflix - the dot-com business of the 90s where you could just get online and get your fix for a movie home delivered.) This was the 90s, the PC was gaining prominence, however the internet was a luxury for most,

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Sep 23

So you have a great idea for an amazing software application that is going to revolutionize the world of business or be the next billion dollar mobile app. Great! Now what? I am asked regularly by entrepreneurs and business owners with the need or idea for a new piece of software, “How much will it cost?”. The answer of course varies greatly based

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Work Culture Junkies- Come Get Addicted

Posted by Subhadra Thakur

Sep 17

Have you ever heard “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong? It’s a song that’s full of life and happiness…it makes you ‘happy’. But, does it play in your head when you enter your office? Do you ever feel a sense of elation or excitement at the sight of your office? Do you ever forget your personal life worries cause you’re going

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Project management is often thought to be very simple & straightforward. People believe all that one has to do is to gather resources, allocate a budget, assign work and it's done! But there is much more to project management than just that. Every organization expects the projects to be completed faster and to be cheaper and better. And the only way these

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Posted by Sourav Bhargava

Aug 31

A year ago I had visited Ladakh with my cousin and since the trip did not go as expected, I decided to revisit the place. Back then I had absolutely no plans to travel alone, however a few recent events in my life led me to change this decision. For a big trip, where I had to travel to 18000 plus feet(Chandigarh-Rohtang-Leh-Srinagar-Chandigarh), making

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