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Real-time is the new normal!

Posted by Kabir Chandhoke

Feb 18

Most of us got a taste of real time notifications and updates a few years ago when we saw live updates to notifications and friend requests on Facebook. Anyone who worked on web development wondered what made this magic happen, the rest of us just took it for granted and these days real time updates on the web and mobile

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It’s been 3 and a half years since we started working with Buzztala. At the time we built a platform that helped aggregate user generated product reviews on e-commerce sites. A couple of pivots later Buzztala is now a programmatic video production platform that allows advertisers to drive targeted audiences in organic and paid search

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Love them or hate them, the fact that we can literally wear technology and use it for some of our most mundane functions or make our lives easier is here to stay. And, stay it will for good, it’s a long time fantasy come to reality

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Oct 15

I heard that you have thousands and thousands of people who like you, in fact, they like you so much that they spent a whole of 2 minutes going over through your Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter page to like or follow you. They look forward to your posts… and, sometimes, when they see it on their timeline, they even like it! So,

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Which eCommerce platform to go for?

Posted by Gautam Ghai

Oct 8

Did you read our last blog about the unique brick and mortar store with an eCommerce experience? Well, yes, we built that you see...and I am only reiterating...that...by choice and ease of use, we will eventually do all the shopping online from our various devices. This isn't to say shop goers will stop going to shopping malls altogether, but yes...it

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