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Lambda Love

Posted by Kabir Chandhoke

Oct 20

About an year ago I blogged about how we first used AWS Lambda to power the video effects engine of a video ad tech product we built for a client. The love affair with Amazon’s serverless offering since then has blossomed. Not only did we save a ton of money for our clients by reducing wastage and DevOps cost but we

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The Thakur Story

Posted by Sourav Bhargava

Oct 13

Ever wondered what happens when you put a bunch of nerds who love their cult classics and take inspirations from any and everywhere? You get Big Bang Theory Episode infused, and Sholay enthused – “Telepresence System”, and our humble ode to IoT and AI.


The entry of Apple in health-care industry in 2014 marked the inflection point in digital technology curve for medicine. With Apple, Google, IBM, Samsung, HealthTap and hundreds of startups globally investing in health wearables, mobile applications and technologies such as Big Data and Cognitive IoT, it is clear that the healthcare industry is ripe for disruption. While all these applications make the promise

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eCommerce, the Social Way

Posted by Somesh Mukherjee

Sep 29

I am techie, in fact I am a textbook techie, who thrives on challenging work, this project of creating an eCommerce platform for selling all kinds of baby products is close to the heart! You will wonder why when the whole world is shopping online (1.61bn people to be exact) is this particular one special? Well, this is not your run

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One out of every six people today in the United States is using some form of health wearable including fitness bands, smart watches, smart clothing, smart glasses, or tracking devices. As on date, there are more than 165,000 health related mobile apps available in Apple and Android app stores with total number of mHealth app downloads crossing 3 billion. Are all these

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