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The joint venture will accelerate development in IoT technologies, assist government agencies with digital transformation and leverage an International footprint.

Jacksonville, FL November 12, 2018 - Today, Urban SDK and SourceFuse announced that it is forming a Smart City Technology joint venture applying IoT, geolocation data, and predictive analytics to urban innovation. Today, they also announced the release of Urban SDK’s location data

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Yes, we are growing. But that rudimentary fact is not the main aim with this post. Our vision at Sourcefuse is to help business do more, and to effectively do that, we needed more people to do more things--things like scope, plan, architect, develop, integrate, and report.

Welcoming new employees is not about you, your position, or your company. It's about your customers.

How are new

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Good Code vs Bad Code

Posted by Thomas Meadows

Jan 11

‘Bad Code’...If you have ever worked in software development in any shape or form I am sure you have heard this phrase before. It is, as if, a battle is taking place in the mystical land of software development where the good code is always fighting bad code in an epic fight, with God striking down Satan from the Kingdom of Heaven.

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The world of technology is ever so dynamic, just when the world, especially the business community was wrapping its head around cloud and cloud computing...the tech world is set for another significant change. What change you wonder...it's how ‘container orchestration’ is set to change ‘cloud computing’ as is today. But, before we establish how container orchestration is set to affect this change,

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SourceFuse's Agile Testing Framework

Posted by Kabir Chandhoke

Nov 1

Agile Development: Fragile Deliverables

Agile Development is great, it’s how we build for most of our clients but, it has it’s challenges. 

  • Weak Acceptance Criteria (Documentation Aversion): Stories created in a sprint often lack enough detail for QA

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