A Meetup hosted by SourceFuse on 8th June’19

We recently organized a Meetup on the theme ‘Windows Workloads on AWS’. The agenda of the meetup was to invite young, talented & inspiring developers, testers, Solution Architects and many other Cloud enthusiasts to learn & discuss ‘Microsoft workloads on AWS’.

For the very first time, we invited our Meetup Group, Cloud Source’s members to participate in a presentation contest to become the second presenter for the session. We received a good number of entries out of which, Kunal Sharma, a final year student of J.S.S. Academy of Technical Education, Noida was selected to present his views on ‘Amazon RDS.

Theme 1: Windows Workloads Migration

Nitin Singh, Our Solutions Architect (.NET), our first presenter spoke about the challenges, processes, systems, and tools involved in a ‘Windows Workloads Migration’. He kickstarted with the challenges involved in the whole process, including, the Legacy Applications, Security concerns, Compliance issues, fear of the cloud and lack of cloud awareness, among others. He also mentioned the ‘6R Strategy for Migration’  the migration process involves namely, Retiring, Retaining, Rehosting, Replatforming, Refactoring, and Re-architecting.

PPT Link: Windows Workload Migration 

Theme 2: Amazon RDS

Kunal Sharma, the winner of our Meetup Presentation Contest, was our second presenter for the session. Starting the presentation with an elaborate overview of Amazon RDS, he went on to speak about Amazon RDS Security, Data & SSL Encryptions and its performance statistics. He also showcased demos of creating DB Instances via the management console, creating an RDS Encrypted instance via CLI and building SSL Encryption for client connections.

PPT Link: Amazon RDS

Why are we organizing such Meetups?

SourceFuse is driving towards bringing together the techies who experiment on the Cloud on a daily basis. SourceFuse wants them to share their experience and expertise with the newbies and recent graduates to help them learn more about Cloud-based services. Additionally, SourceFuse also wants to engage in conversations about the cloud with the tech community.

As a first step towards engaging with the community, every Meetup held is live streamed on Twitch. You can view the latest video on ‘Windows Workloads on AWS’ here.

For details on our next Meetup, connect with us on our Meetup group – Cloud Source.

Stay Tuned!