Ever wondered what happens when you put a bunch of nerds who love their cult classics and take inspirations from any and everywhere?

You get Big Bang Theory Episode infused, and Sholay enthused – “Telepresence System”, and our humble ode to IoT and AI.


  •  Why Big Bang Theory you say? – Coz Sheldon planted the idea, in the episode where he makes a mobile virtual presence device.
  •  What is Sholay? It’s an Indian Wild West Story, with all the drama of Lion King, and, one of the most iconic characters – called “Thakur” who we feel our little AI Bot totally resembles.

We started working and named the first progeny project “THAKUR V1”. In V1, we developed the telepresence system, which allows the users to login remotely. We also added video connectivity and capability to walk around the office and since it has no arms, we named it “THAKUR”.

We have used Raspberry pi to control the robotic movement of THAKUR and used Python, awsIoT to pass the signals to relay commands further to the servo motors to switch them on and off.

And, best off, while we were at it, we decided to use “Tank Tyres” to give complete mobility to Thakur.

Thakur needed presence online to add a tad mundanity details – such as scheduling, so we began working on the web interface. A password protected page to serve as the command centre for THAKUR with AV link and simple direction keys to control the movement. And, finally what’s tech without a little collab, we used the appear.in app on the tablet – helping us capturing video and audio to enable communication with the remote user – permitting THAKUR’s user to speak with anyone in the office.

Just a quick recap of all the tech used to help our buddy Thakur come to life:

  • Raspberry pi
  • Python
  • MQTT
  • AWS IoT
  • Appear.in app
  • Webrtc
  • Angular JS Express JS
  • Passport authentication
  • Mongo DB

We are working on the THAKUR V2. It will be equipped with cool features like Ultrasonic sensors to detect any obstacles, face detection, smart charging and face recognition.

About SourceFuse:
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Would you like to try and connect via Thakur? Drop me an email here sourav.bhargava@sourcefuse.com, and I will hook you up on the Thakur’s IoT portal (thakur.sourcefuse.com) with a username and password.

Look forward to connecting with you!