The night was young, and like new cubs following their mother on a Hunt, our budding techies were hesitant to come out into the open… There were some last minute scuffles, hustles and rustles, and some new Geeks joined in; and they…come out they did, pitching their ideas with fervor and passion. They found their groove, spoke expressively about their ideas – a thing that’s about ideas, everyone becomes evocative.


Ideas took off – personal productivity, team management, resource management, money management, changing the way we use e-commerce…and as was intended poaching began, some difficult questions were asked, a few plans changed, some’s ideas took a new form… changing into a completely different form of beast. Rules were remade, and set to dry.


Come Saturday morning the atmosphere was differently charged and as the day progressed the contestants decided to drown themselves in their ideas hell bent on showing off something fantastic! The mentors were kept active and on their tippy-toes, ideating, discussing…throwing some red herrings, clues all around – in true SourceFuse style, helping all around. After all the work, some panicky heart stopping moments (our network seemed to get rained upon), the presentations began…

Fantastic Five’s “People Portal”The idea was to have complete employee management tool, with added features of helping HR with resource and performance management. Think one stop shop for all the HR needs. No need to sieve through lists and lists…click click click and within 10 seconds I can hare the skillsets and various professional data. Built on Java, Spring, Hibernate MySQL.


Warriors’s “Quick Office” We all face the trouble when work-from-home is misused, and in a small-ish organization we sometimes go nuts trying to figure where did a certain colleague went – is he on a break, playing pool? Easy solution, we create an indigenous app to check-in and out of the premises, and you share your whereabouts with the teams. Tech Stack built on Android platform.

SteamEngine’s “MakeMyLife”This app strives to get the best out of you. No one, no one but you are responsible for your own productivity. A WebApp meant for your eyes only, to understand any and distractions we face in our day to day work-life. And, like chicken and egg, a distraction free work-life leads to a better work-life balance. Built on Bootstrap, PHP and MySQL.


UNUsual’s “Dev Tracker”Now, this was interesting, built a bunch of harassed Quality Assurance Analysts, trying to make their lives easier. They decided to automate the usage of umpteenth devices. A simply designed built on Ruby, the app intends to use this as an administrative tool.

Baniyagiri’s “MoneySplitin”Now, this one comes from the heart, a recent trip to Goa resulted in complete loss – as tracking who owed what to whom – was forgotten and lost. Lack of visibility of such apps in the marketplace, led to participation and creation of this webapp soon to a mobile app in GeekOut – MoneySplitin is intended for all those people who want to use it across PC’s and Mobile. We are about to make account wiz’s (well almost) but in a fun way.


OneManArmy’s “BugLocker”f you had any questions what we did, I am guessing its clear now – we make apps, mobile or web, and in this world there are 2 groups of people coders and testers. They each in turn take huge pride in finding and solving bugs, so, a coder came up with an app to test mobile apps in a far easier way, and do a screen drab save it on the Project Management System so a 100% bug free apps are delivers, the following app was built on iOS.

Technocrats “Voice eCommerce”What if we make search while you shopping online easier? Yes, easier than before? You say, like it’s tough now, we say, well not exactly – but is always and always room for making things easier! We use Voice activated search, once not a new concept – but this is all I will say now about our winners :),  you have to watch out for us to come out with some cool stuff here.


Three days later, the Geeks were still charged, walking with a spring in their step, and since I have already let the cat out of the bag, ‘The SourceFuse GeekOUT’ winners were,
Technocrats -“Voice eCommerce”, Best Innovation winners were
 SteamEngine- “MakeMyLife” and Best Execution winners were
Baniyagiri – “MoneySplitin”.

A BIG FAT thank you to all participants: Abheeshek Joy Sarkar, Amit Yadav, Jitendra Malhotra, Kumar Manish, Nilesh Srivastava, Prafull Kumar, Vinod Vaishnav, Nitesh Srivastava, Saurabh Jacob, Sajan Kumar, Vaibhav Berry, Naveen Chander, Rohan Mishra, Ashish Goyal, Vaibhav Srivastava, Nitish Kumar, Sarmishtha Sinha, Abhishek Singla, Sudhanshu Saini, Maninder Singh, Gaurav Roorkiwal

A BIGGER FATTER thank you to judges: Gautam Ghai, Kabir Chandhoke, Manpreet Singh



BIGGEST FATTEST thank you to organizers: Subhadra Thakur, Abhishek Kapoor,Navneet Kaur, Somesh Mukherjee, Sarmishtha Sinha.

And, the BIGGEST FATTIEST ever thank you to the support staff: Ankit, Amit, Bharat, Vijay