If the reel of my life were to run in front of my eyes certain moments would stand out. One such moment would be, when much like today, I had to write an article, on Charity and Humans (Paropkar aur Manushya). I could not understand the topic and went to seek the guidance of the one person I knew had all the answers – a writer, an intellectual and someone who was always willing to listen to everyone, especially the children of the house – my Grandfather. He thought long and hard on how to explain a concept of charity to a 9year-old. I remember it like it was yesterday, my Nana Ji dressed in crisp white kurta and dhoti, sitting in his armchair, elbows on the table, fingers laced in front of his face, with the pervading fragrance of paan telling me in his rich baritone, “Animals, plants and humans are all living things, but what sets us (humans) apart from the other living things is the ability to give, to help others unconditionally.” So, to put it simply, giving is what makes us human.

This value, handed down so effortlessly by my grandfather, has stayed with me and shaped a lot of decisions and choices I have made in life. And, whether we realize it or not, giving is an intrinsic part of our culture. Be it Diwali, Eid, Navroz, Gurpurab or Christmas ‘giving’ is an integral part of all festivals in India, across religions. A few years back, few nameless, faceless, yet like-minded people came together and coined the wonderful idea of making Giving a festival in its’ own right. This came to be known as the Joy of Giving Week, today known as ‘Daan Utsav- Festival of Giving’.
In our country, the haves and the have nots exist side by side, every beautifully landscaped gated community is flanked by slums. Hoping that the government will bring about a change by whooshing a magic wand is more fantastical than most fantasy novels. ‘Who’ or ‘What’ can change this is “US”, that too, only if each one of us makes a conscious decision to make giving a way of life so that we can bridge this gap. Giving need not necessarily be monetary alone, teaching someone to read and write, giving tuitions once a week for an hour to a deserving yet underprivileged child, giving away old yet reusable books, clothes, water bottles, shoes etc., blood donation, are very few ways in which each one of us can participate and make this world a much better place to be in!

So, this season, maybe its time to be only human and join in the ‘joy’ – the Joy of Giving!

Carrying the wisdom imparted to me as a child forward, it would be great to have many more join me in the Daan Utsav, that started on 2nd October and will continue on till October 8th! And, while we do not need to limit to only a week – this is a great way to start, and add effort towards giving selflessly need not stop with this. Let this be the beginning of Daan, and thereon a continuous effort to give, an effort to be human, each day, not only by virtue of birth but also by virtue of action.

SourceFuse will be observing the “Daan Utsav from October 3rd- 6th” – during this time we have partnered with Goonj, Foodbank, Rotary Blood Bank and Kabir’s Kitchen. During this week we will be doing all that we can for our partners!

We are the designated collection center for Goonj – You can drop off materials for Family, School, Dignity Kit anytime. While this week is targeted collection for Rahat – Relief for Flood affected areas – we will be a designated drop point all the year round!

  • October 4, 2017 – is the Blood Donation Camp in Noida and Mohali – Check the time and join us!
  • FoodBank – no child should go hungry – we are collecting dry rations for our friends at ResponseNet.
  • Kabir’s Kitchen – Following the theme that child studies better on a full stomach – SF supports Kabir’s kitchen – feel free to reach out to us to make contributions!