Welcoming new employees is not about you, your position, or your company. It’s about your customers.

How are new hires going to benefit them; the customers, and help them achieve their goals?

Our customers have goals, and they hire us to help realize those goals. Sometimes those goals are fully flushed out with conceptualized technical requirements already in mind, and sometimes they are a bit more open-ended. Neither scenario affects us, our engagements, or changes our omnipresent priority — to demonstrate the business value of technology.

I’ll save you the time, and avoid talking about company attributes like transparency, culture, work-life balance, and the majority of other buzz-worthy adjectives that cluttered job listings and “About Us” pages in 2010. Instead, I’ll briefly focus on one attribute that somehow gets overlooked when talking about new hires, growth, or customer success. And that is work ethic.


Yes, work ethic. It’s not arriving early or being the first to respond to a group email. Work ethic is setting high standards for one’s own work rather than solely following those that are expected. If you have high standards and are willing to put in the effort above what the duty requires you will fit it just perfectly here at SourceFuse. After all most of us are kind and easy-going who can get along with pretty much anyone, as long as you can make coffee or go fetch some across the street.

Mistakes are natural and perfection is unrealistic, but we have developed an affinity for people willing to put the effort in. It’s this attribute that we’ve seen benefit our clients the most, allowing our team to become a true extension of theirs and keep their goals at the forefront of every dev sprint and production release.

“How many gas stations are there in the United States?”

Marketing guru Seth Godin notoriously asked this one question when interviewing potential employees at Yahoo in the 80’s. Where the candidates that stayed, tolerated, and treated the question like a fun problem to solve, were the ones Seth wanted on his team. While we don’t necessarily adopt his brevity, we do subscribe to the concept.

Meet the New Additions

Even though we are a sizable company of 156 happy individuals, our office in Florida (Neptune Beach, to be exact) is the smallest of the bunch, and therefore expanded pretty drastically from Friday to Monday. Where four new hires were assembling desks bright and early at the start of the week.

Cassie O’Neal

I have a love for the beach, any water activity (as long as it’s not in the ocean… don’t ask), traveling, playing and watching sports, and a semi-unhealthy obsession with dogs.

I’m joining the SourceFuse team in Neptune Beach as a Project Manager with a background in Health Care. Having previously worked for McKesson Health Solutions, Change Health Care and Florida Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida), in varying roles such as Project Management, Business Analysis, Systems Analysis and QA Testing.

I am looking forward to working with everyone, and having an office 40-steps from the beach.

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Andy Bryant

A passion for marketing born in the pages of 90’s surf magazines now trying to turn day dreams into an identity.

I’m always looking for creative solutions to help realize potential. I’ve worked with 20+ digital companies to create a two-way conversation between sales and marketing. I’m excited to be part of a team who develops the technology that achieves results and be an advocate for growth both internally and externally.

Not the biggest golfer in the office, but I love being outside and have never turned down a cold beer. When’s tee time?!

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