There has been a paradigm shift in the world in everyone’s definition of lifelines – it now includes Mobile phones. They have redefined our idea of staying in touch. They have become our very own personal encyclopaedias. Entertained us…by engaging us in the silliest form of games anywhere, anyplace and at anytime – enter “mobile gaming”.

We all have a personal addiction being catered to in the form of complete and utter stress relief game! We may be engaging with people, friends or clandestinely playing one ourselves – candy crush, angry birds, the list is endless – all with  global and a universal audience of all ages ! This has been in my opinion the true advent of mobile gaming. One such game to jump on the bandwagon has been Flappy Bird, I loved this game, and it reminded me of my childhood favourite – Super Mario Bros. I started thinking how would it look if Mario or Luigi were pretending to be Indian farmers jumping off cows, fighting cheetahs to win the ever beautiful princess or any other contemporary topic – which could add different value to the *FUN*.

The idea sown, we decided to experiment, we took the flappy bird and turned it very very desi. We all know what the favourite topic of discussion is these days, general elections on our head – Politics…so, we created *Angry Broom*.  This experiment is a fun take on the struggles of the Aam Admi party, and the treacherous course it must navigate to get traction in the ongoing National election. In the typical Flappy Bird game play and has a likeness of the now very famous “Arvind Kejriwal” navigating an obstacle course on their election symbol – The Broom. Appropriately named – Angry broom – we’re seeking to test the viral-ity of basing gaming experiences of current affairs and familiar game play.

The natural question to follow is Why now? Why this? And, Why only AAP? Well, this being the election time why not make this a bit more fun and at same time encourage people to engage in healthy debate and generate consciousness. Furthermore, the rise of AAP is something of a phenomenon – and a remarkable symbol of hope and a reassurance that people are not so apathetic towards politics and sincere change for better.

And, the fact that they would be most likely party to not take offence on such a game. Also the similarities that we observed between the struggles of the protagonist and his political outfit and the super tricky game play in Flappy Bird are amazing. Basically it’s not going to be easy and those sorts of insurmountable odds are what really compel us to keep at it and increase competitiveness. To make the experience of the social element real – my colleagues came up with an idea of letting the player continue with their score i.e.  A new lease of life – if they share there score on Facebook. So each time someone presses continue the game posts on the players Facebook wall. Getting the game out there.

The initial build is available for down load on Google Play for Android users, and since April 10th (release date) we have had over 500 downloads and multiple reviews. While it isn’t a big number, we are very proud of the fact that this too has been through word-of-mouth, we are yet to start the full on marketing for this.

The next phase is to have an upgraded version on the Google Play store as well as release it on the iOS platform.  We’re planning the next releases with a limited marketing budget through social media based channels to see what kind of traction we get.

What I am very excited and interested to see how virality of the game is amplified once it is available on both iOS and Android with some directed social media marketing. So, watch out for more in this series as we discover what really makes games tick and will be sure to share our insights with you!