Love them or hate them, the fact that we can literally wear technology and use it for some of our most mundane functions or make our lives easier is here to stay. And, stay it will for good, it’s a long time fantasy come to reality to roost.

We at SourceFuse aren’t questioning it, we are right there in the quadrant looking for some opportunities for growth!

Wearables like smart watches offer people on-the-go unprecedented convenience in terms of information being available to them at the opportune moment. The event industry is one such space where attendees and event organizers need to coordinate in real time in crowded and noisy environments where pulling out a phone for each update/chat/notification would be extremely cumbersome.

We at SourceFuse created an event management platform called eventuosity for our client and in order to deliver a true omni-channel experience (in addition to web, phones and tablets) extended the core notifications of event updates, task reminders and chats to both the iWatch and Android wear.

See eventuosity in action on the Apple smart watch below.