How can Medical Pharma Reps embrace Business Continuity Planning with Digital Field Engagement Solutions

COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented lock-down of physical meetings with HCPs worldwide. The challenge of shifting all face-to-face communications for an industry like Life Sciences is complex, specifically when the challenge is around business continuity planning and customer engagement practices. Life Sciences companies who were prepared for a digital future quickly acclimatized and might come out stronger than ever in these times. 

Some companies, however, were heavily dependent on traditional channels and are keenly waiting for the business to return to usual. In times like these, the number of accessible prescribers has reduced by a big margin and it might be tough for these numbers to climb up again.

Life Sciences Consulting Best Practices

Most companies and their medical sales representatives are relying on digital channels for their customer engagement. While some of these channels are only a temporary fix, the others are claimed to be not fully secured. For any Life Sciences company, security and compliance are of prime importance and while digital field engagement is the need of the hour for business continuity planning, it cannot be at the cost of poor security and compliance practices. As the famous Jim Collins once wrote: “ When used right, technology becomes an accelerator of momentum, not a creator of it”.

E-detailing and virtual MSL solutions are the next big pieces for any medical representative and the immediate need to optimize digital engagement is what will be the winning piece of the cake. To execute this in an organized fashion, technology companies must understand the domain and its intricacies – the importance of identified personnel permissions. Three other important pieces to be considered in the digital field engagement practices are defined by – Change Management, Platforms and High Availability of these platforms. 

Digital Field Engagement for Life Sciences: The SourceFuse Way

The shift to digital field engagement platforms is an easy solution but it also needs to be accustomed to the change management processes and enablement programs where the direct impact and output need to be measured in a much different manner than the earlier traditional face-to-face meetings.

We at SourceFuse, have 14 years of deep domain expertise to develop and implement digital solutions for Life Sciences organizations and believe that the Life Sciences organizations will have to adapt to this digital transformation and we are here to help them in their transformation journey. Talk to us today for our e-MSL and e-Detailing solutions used by Global Pharma giants and seize the opportunity to maintain your market positioning.