Healthcare and Life Sciences companies are witnessing a shift in the way they function where innovative products and automated machine systems are redefining new boundaries. With the recent developments in cloud migration services, Healthcare & Life Sciences giants are adapting to these new changes to stay competitive and offer premium services that support streamlining the clinical research concept.

MarketsandMarkets™ claims that the global healthcare cloud computing market is projected to reach USD 51.9 billion by 2024, from an estimated USD 23.4 billion in 2019 at a CAGR of 17.2% during the forecast period.

Specific challenges faced by the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry:

Companies particularly in the life sciences industry – voiced legitimate concerns about things like latest on-premise version of the applications, allocating time to develop a cloud migration plan, the need to divert staff from their current duties for the duration of the upgrade, adjusting to changes in the users’ level of control over systems & data and training staff on the new processes and technology in a cloud infrastructure. Some of the major concerns constituted issues with:

  • Bandwidth
  • Sharing Computing resources
  • Data security, and
  • Satisfying regulatory compliance

Which Cloud Migration approach should the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry follow?

When migrating application workloads to cloud platforms, Healthcare & Life Sciences organizations must choose among six distinct strategies:

  • Retain (re-visit)
  • Retire
  • Re-host (“lift and shift.”)
  • Re-platform (“lift, tinker, and shift.”)
  • Re-purchase
  • Re-factor / Re-architect

This research helps technical professionals weigh the trade-offs of each process and select the right one for optimising their goals and priorities.

The impact on Healthcare & Life Sciences industry

One of the biggest advantages of Cloud Migration in Life sciences is the ability to collaborate with peers across the globe and analyze data in real-time. For greatest effectiveness, data must move smoothly among patients, hospitals, electronic health records, clinics, devices, and countless other channels in the modern healthcare ecosystem. The other benefits of Cloud Migration in Healthcare include:

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