We recently hosted a Power Dinner, an AWS Partner Event and invited industry leaders to come and discuss the ways of “Increasing Business Productivity with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning”.

AWS Partner Event

The event put forward ideas about the use of Machine Learning in making better-informed business decisions with the ability to learn from data, identify unseen patterns and make predictions.

Theme 1: AI & ML Introduction

The AWS Partner event kick-started with our CEO, Gautam Ghai, giving a brief on how various industries are looking into implementing more of AI and ML tools in their business this year.

He mentioned a few real-life implementations of AI & ML, namely, Google Maps that uses ML to predict how long we’ll take to get somewhere and Uber, which uses ML to predict etas for Cab arrivals and meal delivery times for Uber Eats.

Most importantly, he brought in the Banking sector, which is increasingly becoming dependent on AI/ML algorithms to keep a tab of Fraudulent transactions, credit checks and much more.

He concluded with the thought of leveraging some of these capabilities and intelligence in everyday businesses without the need to have an R&D budget that breaks the bank.

Next up, was one of the most awaited sessions of the evening.

Theme 2: AWS Approach to AI/ML

Mr Dhruv Singhal, Head of Technology, Amazon India, spoke at the event sharing his views on the cognitive solutions that Artificial Intelligence extracts from human intelligence and helps take businesses to a whole new level.

Adding to the Artificially Intelligent discussions, he also suggested ways of improving businesses in multiple domains, namely

  • Scaling businesses online
  • Profitability
  • Improved technology
  • Web traffic
  • Increased productivity
Dhruv Singhal – Head of technology Amazon Web Services

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be applied to many use cases across industries including financial services, government, healthcare, retail and transportation, and SourceFuse implemented one such application for ‘The PRactice’.

Theme 3: The Cube – A PR Web application

As the Founder and Chairperson of ‘The PRactice’, Ms Nandita Lakshmanan expressed her views on ‘The PRactice platform’ which is a Web application called ‘The Cube’.

Founder and Chairperson of ‘The PRactice’ , Ms Nandita Lakshmanan

According to Nandita, ‘Public relations isn’t about people at all. It’s always more a matter of trust, less an equation of power,”

Nandita mentioned that ‘The Cube’ integrates research-based stakeholder perspective with real-time listening and monitoring. This allows them to have a real-time pulse of their stakeholders, across a range of parameters and helps their clients to understand their respective stakeholder ecosystem in a holistic and comprehensive manner, enabling them to make better management decisions aligned with current market dynamics.

Currently, they have on-boarded 46 clients on the platform, out of which, Google, AMD, Ministry of External Affairs, FICCI, Siemens and Oracle are a few.

Theme 4: OneCall’s RelayRide

Kabir Chandhoke, our COO, gave an informative presentation on how we were successful in transforming OneCall’s healthcare transportation product. RelayRide – an application built to seamlessly manage sedan transportation for workers’ compensation claims at OneCall.

Kabir Chandhoke – COO SourceFuse

Theme 5: Emerging AWS Technologies

Lastly, Abhishek Mohanty, Solution Architect at AWS, enlightened us with his lively presentation on diverse AWS technologies. The main focus was on Amazon Go, a new kind of store featuring the world’s most advanced shopping technology and Amazon Lex, service for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text.


Abhishek Mahanty, Solution Architect at AWS

We would love to thank our speakers, for taking out the time to give such insightful presentations and our fellow industry leaders, who came in to enrich our discussions with their AI perspectives.

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