A Guide to Digital Product Team Economics: Introduction

How to structure digital product teams at different stages in the product life-cycle and what it will cost to implement them.

Consumers and businesses are demanding access to information and to conduct transactions from home, work, on the road or on-premises. The rapid and broad growth of anytime/anywhere business and consumer-facing software applications in the marketplace has start-ups, businesses and large enterprises dedicating significant resources to the establishment and maintenance of digital product development teams. The speed at which innovative web, social, mobile and rich media technologies are proliferating is driving the demand for digital products teams that are versatile, flexible and experienced at rapidly prototyping, iterating, building and launching products.

Digital product teams need to be assembled that can adapt, expand and contract to build consumer and business products spanning multiple computing platforms, including Apple and Microsoft personal computers, tablets and smartphones, iPads, iPhones, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Large enterprises are pressed to innovate, build and maintain multi-platform digital products that support their customers’, partners’ and employees’ rapidly growing appetite to engage with one another any time during the day from anywhere on the planet and to defend against sustaining and disruptive competitors.

Start-ups need to build and scale product teams that can quickly coalesce, iterate and expand to build prototypes, minimally viable products (MVPs) and production releases as they evolve from seed to late-stage growth.

A successful digital product team can be built two basic ways:

-Internal direct hire team

-Partnership with a digital product team service

This blog series will examine the cost of establishing a digital product development team from inception through early growth, direct hire as well as with an external digital product team service with a focus on the investment required to retain a digital product team service versus building a team from scratch.

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