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This is second in the series and follow up of my last blog, SF’s Top 7 Best Practices for REST API’s,we cover some good practices to follow to gain the maximum of the REST API’s. In this article, I am highlighting some more “good” to have points - which when combined with the magnificent seven will ensure we use REST API’s

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Oct 5

Early on in my career, I understood that, a coder needs to evolve quickly and continuously or become obsolete; being in one of the most dynamic fields, I also realized that to keep up with the fast-paced developments – it was good to evangelize best practices. And at SourceFuse, it has been a forever endeavor for my team and I, to set processes

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Oct 4

If the reel of my life were to run in front of my eyes certain moments would stand out. One such moment would be, when much like today, I had to write an article, on Charity and Humans (Paropkar aur Manushya). I could not understand the topic and went to seek the guidance of the one person I knew had

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SourceFuse turns 11!

Posted by Gautam Ghai

May 8

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs As I sat down to write my note on our 11th Anniversary, I thought about the number 11 itself. It is a remarkable number, the smallest double digit prime number, it has many diametrically opposite meanings in different cultures. For some it is an auspicious

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Bots for User Retention and Acquisition

Posted by Kabir Chandhoke

Jan 5

When you set out to fundamentally change user behaviour, you can expect a bit of an uphill battle. The app we built for a UK based startup ShopNSocial helps users browse the web socially - i.e. users can share items right from the browser screen and can chat/talk with their friends whilst browsing. Our challenge was to introduce

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