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The world of technology is ever so dynamic, just when the world, especially the business community was wrapping its head around cloud and cloud computing...the tech world is set for another significant change. What change you wonder...it's how ‘container orchestration’ is set to change ‘cloud computing’ as is today. But, before we establish how container orchestration is set to affect this change,

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SourceFuse's Agile Testing Framework

Posted by Kabir Chandhoke

Nov 1

Agile Development: Fragile Deliverables

Agile Development is great, it’s how we build for most of our clients but, it has it’s challenges. 

  • Weak Acceptance Criteria (Documentation Aversion): Stories created in a sprint often lack enough detail for QA

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This is second in the series and follow up of my last blog, SF’s Top 7 Best Practices for REST API’s,we cover some good practices to follow to gain the maximum of the REST API’s. In this article, I am highlighting some more “good” to have points - which when combined with the magnificent seven will ensure we use REST API’s

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Oct 5

Early on in my career, I understood that, a coder needs to evolve quickly and continuously or become obsolete; being in one of the most dynamic fields, I also realized that to keep up with the fast-paced developments – it was good to evangelize best practices. And at SourceFuse, it has been a forever endeavor for my team and I, to set processes

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Oct 4

If the reel of my life were to run in front of my eyes certain moments would stand out. One such moment would be, when much like today, I had to write an article, on Charity and Humans (Paropkar aur Manushya). I could not understand the topic and went to seek the guidance of the one person I knew had

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