The latest Jax Tech event was a goldmine of insights, featuring a powerhouse lineup of founders who’ve navigated the thrilling world of selling their companies. The event proved to be a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone interested in tech exits. From career shifts to achieving successful exits and securing funding, the diverse lineup of speakers provided a wealth of inspiration and practical takeaways for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned tech professionals alike.

Picture of Stu Green
Stu Green

Chief Product Officer, HourStack

Ever wondered what it’s like to exit a software company? A serial entrepreneur and tech innovator, Stu Green, shared his experience transitioning from CPO at HourStack to Product Designer at Flxpoint. Green’s journey offered valuable perspective for anyone considering a career shift within the dynamic tech landscape.

Picture of Charbel Zreik
Charbel Zreik

Managing Principal, Manifestations Capital

For those passionate about the healing and wellness space, Charbel Zreik, Managing Principal of Manifestations Capital, shed light on how his firm empowers entrepreneurs to scale their businesses. Zreik’s talk provided a roadmap to success in this unique and flourishing market.

Picture of Darren Bounds
Darren Bounds

Founder, Breezy HR

The event didn’t shy away from the nitty-gritty of exit strategies. Aspiring entrepreneurs gained invaluable knowledge from Darren Bounds, founder of Breezy HR. Bounds’ discussion on his innovative recruiting software offered a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of navigating the hiring landscape and ultimately achieving a successful exit.

Picture of Wes Benwick
Wes Benwick

Product Manager, Omnichannel at

The ever-important world of advertising was explored by Wes Benwick, Product Manager at Benwick’s expertise provided a deep dive into how cutting-edge advertising solutions can help businesses achieve maximum relevance and potentially pave the way for a strategic exit.

Picture of Craig Mandeville
Craig Mandeville

Founder & CEO ,Forcura

Healthcare innovation took center stage with the participation of Craig Mandeville, founder and CEO of Forcura. Mandeville’s inspiring story of founding Forcura to revolutionize patient care through digital medical record management resonated with the audience. His journey is a testament to the impact technology can have on critical industries.

Picture of Kirk Moquin
Kirk Moquin

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at KMMT Capital

Kirk Moquin, co-founder of KMMT Capital, offered his expertise on providing growth capital and strategic advice to early-stage businesses. Moquin’s insights equipped aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge to secure resources needed to turn their ventures into realities.

Event sponsors that made this event possible:

  • SourceFuse ( – Strategic digital transformation company helping businesses evolve through cloud-native technologies
  • KMMT Capital ( – Supporting Jacksonville and entrepreneurs through investment and advice
  • Venue Sponsor: The Link ( – a “Space that Inspires”, an Innovation and Community Hub where Serendipity happens

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